Sheena (Warrior Princess)

I had the idea to mash up Xena: Warrior Princess and Sheena (the early 80s blonde-bombshell-Africasploitation movie)


“In a time of evil white people, a wise cracking American and animals,
A land in turmoil cried out for a hero.
She was Sheena, a white-y princess forged in the heat of Africa.
The power.
The passion.
The danger.
Her courage will help make black people feel inferior in their own continent.

Lexx Appeal- S1 Ep3 (Eating Pattern)

Lexx Appeal for Season 1 episode 3- EATING PATTERN! (aka the one with the limb removal, giant monster woman and drug addiction via brain-worm)

S**t people who comment on Hagan reviews say.

These are all actual comments my vids have gotten over the years. Most of them came from The Spoony Experiment, TGWTG and Youtube.

Cameos- Fools Gold: Roger Rabbit Review

Ladyspaz and Magic Steve review ROGER RABBIT! And I appear too!

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode70 (So Excited to Get Angry)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… a trip to The Midlands and New Who season 8 episode 2: Robot of Sherwood!

Lexx Appeal- S1 Ep2 (Super Nova)

Lexx Appeal! Where Omega and I watch LEXX! (The amazing Canadian/ German co-production)

Cameos- Indy Christian Review Season 6 Bloopers

One of my out-takes made it into Indy Chrstian Reviews Season 6 bloopers reel!


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