Diamanda Hagan Review 01 – The Story of Ricky

Diamanda Hagan’s First Review.
Diamanda Hagan reviews The Story of Ricky, possibly the most violent martial arts film ever made
The Story of Ricky is owned by Star TV Filmed Entertainment LTD



  1. Knightmare clup for the win! This is a film I keep meaning to see- it looks pretty fun in a totally OTT way. Good review.

    • it is fun, in a gory kung fu insanity type of way. shouldnt be too hard to find

      • Read the manga. the movie matches the first for chapters scene for scene, and the amount of gore and sheer testosterone goes to even more hilarious levels.
        Oh, and the villains. God, the villains.

        also, Riki punches out an elephant.

  2. sounds hilarious, diana!

  3. Hey Hagan, snob reviewed this twice after you did, once as Kung Tai Ted, and then the next day as The Cinema Snob, Punish him by making him watch Riki-Oh and Riki-Oh 2 the animes… or do a crossover review, both would be awesome

    • hehe i saw his takes and they were cool. i expected some jokes and got others. i like seeing diff peoples takes on stuff. anyway in s3 im reviewing something kung tai ted did…. the dragon lives again;)

      • that should be awesome, i still say he should be punished for doing almost exactly one month later though, to coincidental lol.
        in all reality i just wanna see a Snob/Hagan crossover over some really bad exploitation, like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, or Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

      • lol it was longer than amonth. i did my review back in sept 08.

      • i forgot you had a different site before this one, this one says March 30 2010, his was April 29 2010, my bad lol

  4. Wonderful review, but good gods, was the Bill O’Reilly novel reading really necessary? That stuff’s a deadly weapon!

  5. I saw this for the first time bout seven years ago and loved it, good to see it get reviewed here

  6. This was absolutely glorious. I just spent the past three weeks going through the backlog of The Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic. One led to the other, which led me here. And this review was excellent for it being so early in your career. The timing of the jokes was spot-on, and didn’t drone on like some of the other reviewers tend to do. You made the film tell it’s story at your pace, and you definitely highlighted some great parts, while leaving a person curious enough about the movie if they hadn’t seen it, to do so. I definitely look forward to going through the rest of your reviews!

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