Diamanda Hagan Plug – Cecil B. Demented

A plug for John Waters cinema terrorism masterpiece- Cecil B. Demented! Cecil B.Demented is owned by Artisan Entertainment.



  1. Recently saw this movie and liked it. The whole allegory of non-mainstream cinema taking over is great, and it’s just plain great wish fulfillment – who wouldn’t want to trash a Patch Adams screening? And it turns out Melanie Griffith can be good in stuff – who knew? I think it would be even better if Cecil was played by Bruce McCulloch, but that’s just me. This was fun, like an artsy Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

  2. This is my favorite John Waters movie, too.

    My favorite things about it:

    1. Maggie Gyllenhaal(I just love her in general anyway, but here especially.)

    2. Michael Shannon

    3. Alicia Witt(I also have a major thing for her.)

  3. Though it has his best characters by far, this one had a weaker story than his generation 2 films. Desperate Living had a more polished story. This is superior in quality of dialog. The general rule of John Waters is that if the generation number is a power of 2, it’s a good movie. Generations 1, 2, and 4 were good. Gen 3 was crap.

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