Diamanda Hagan Plug- John Safran Versus God

Hagan plugs a Cult Classic Australian Comedy show from 2003! Watch the Steel-Testicled John Safran take on Christianity, Hiduism, Scientology, Mormonism, Voodoo, Islam, Atheism and perhaps even God himself!



  1. maybe you should check out shaun micallef.
    Very funny, very clever, very surreal Oz comedian.
    See Newstopia, welcher & welcher, The Micallef Program
    and an original cast member of Full Frontal which you may
    have seen in the UK.

    • i love shaun micallef, and the chaser. never seen wlecher or newstopia though. their now on my list to try and get:) all hail australian comedy!

  2. I have to say when i thought of comedy Australia was far from near. This program seems like a great of fun, will probably watch it. Thanks Mistress for your great work.

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