Diamanda Hagan Review 03 – Memory Run

Hagan reviews Memory Run, a festering cancer of crap at the Heart of mid-90’s Science Fiction. A Gun runner has his brain put into the body of a young woman and shenanigans ensue. Memory Run is Owned by Meridian Entertainment



  1. OK, old review, but obscure Doctor Who reference and one of the stars of Warehouse 13 (aka the only good thing SyFy created) have to be acknowledged.

  2. Loved The Master montage, another very funny review. I’ve been meaning to post a comment for a little while but I first discovered your stuff from your cameo in Lupa’s video and you’ve become one of my favourite online reviewers.

    • always lovely to hear from someone who likes my stuff 🙂

      i hope you like the stuff thats coming up and delighted i got at least one fan thanks to the lovely lovely lupa

  3. 7:45 – Tee hee. War Chief. Actually, it can’t be, because no one has rearranged refrigerator magnets in order to program advanced time travel devices.

  4. To be fair, it’d probably be hard to find a doctor who could perform a sex change, not to mention a consistent supply of hormones.

    Plus, I doubt the original author was involved with the movie. But I think the original story ended the same way, which is weird.

    Anyway, great review, and congratulations on joining ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. I’ve only just discovered your videos, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

  5. I would so let an evil corporation transplant my brain into a mega hot chick and lay with that man. 😀

  6. It’s Lecroix from Forever Knight!

  7. The War Chief. There’s a reference. Well, he may not be the War Chief but the security guy but he does sell vacuums. His territory includes Bladdertown, Left Hemisphere, Dunk, Right Hemisphere, New Imbroglia, Walk-a-Dog-athon and Fetus.

    The reviews are great by the way.

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