Diamanda Hagan Review 04- RATS: Night of Terror

Hagan Reviews RATS: Night of Terror. Take a handful of semi-retarded Post-Apocalyptic Italians and pit them against an army of unconvincing killer-rats, the result is stupid, occasionally amusing and a lot of dead Rats… RATS: Night of Terror is owned by Beatrice Film



  1. Ah, this was a Bruno Mattei film wasn’t it? Either way the rat puppets were hysterically awful. Although the rat people were naff too.

    • most things in the film were hysterically awful. especially the swarming rats lol

  2. 5:03 – You know.. it occurs to me that maybe the food hasn’t rotted because it was irradiated by the atomic weapons.

    Which means they just ingested highly radioactive materials. Awesome.

    5:53 – Yes. This group of hardened post-apocalyptic badasses (and Village People rejects) are terrified by rats. Rats. Which are probably everywhere there is even the remotest remnants of human civilization. And would be an important food source when most other things are dead.

    8:33 – Commodore 64 BASIC… OF THE FUTURE!!

    Why didn’t the rats break into the laboratory before the failed glam rock group? I mean, it’s not like the room being sealed mattered at all because the rats came in DOWN THE PIPES and didn’t bother with the door, so they should’ve always been able to get there. Maybe the place WAS built by the rats and the whole movie is them fighting the human interlopers? Maybe mage girl actually came from Sigil and the city is one huge colony of cranium rats.

  3. They are spilling all the ingredients. How will Fatty Bear make a birthday cake now?

  4. The woman who played Chocolate was also in Demons. You should review it, it seems right up your alley. As does Demons 2.

  5. Claudio Fragasso was m night shyamalan before m night shyamalan.

  6. “I don’t have Flare memorized today; would you like a Flesh Golem?”

    The awesome is strong with this one.

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