Diamanda Hagan Review 05 – Emmanuelle 4

Hagan reviews Emmanuelle 4. A French Nympho seeks to escape her past by becoming someone else. And immediately begins screwing everyone and everything in sight…



  1. At least it’s not Emmanuelle 5…

  2. I hate when movies tease me with lesbianism without actually following through!

    ….also, I think Emmanuelle’s rich creeper boyfriend was the old gay dude from Boy Culture. Small world. O.o

  3. Seeing Sydney from “The Pretender” being a creepy stalker was hilarious! The snake sex…O_o, that is all. And, since I’ve cheated and seen a bit of season 3 before this, it was fun to see Teddy’s first appearance.

    Also, uhm, the hymen doesn’t work that way.

    Sure, penetration can hurt and there can be blood, but it has nothing to do with women losing their virginity – you’re just more likely to be nervous and tense the first time (read: too dry), _but_ there’s nothing that breaks permanently and there’s no way for anyone to tell a virgin from a person who’s had sex based on what their hymen looks like (and if they say they can, they’re lying).

    Sorry for the rant, the hymen myth is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

  4. can anyone tell me what book she was reading… please… >.>

    • I was reading emmanuelle the original book the films were based on. Bought it for that gag, wish it could actually be seen:p

  5. thank you for the dune references, thank you…

  6. Hey, character development! No, I’m not talking about the movie.

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