Diamanda Hagan Review 06- Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS

Hagan reviews Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. Fake Germans+Porn+ Torture+The Misplaced Backdrop of the Holocaust= one piece of shit… Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS is owned by Aetenas Productions.



  1. Funny review. May I ask what the footage with Graham Norton in it was from?

  2. I must say, I’ve never heard someone give a well-thought out discussion of castration techniques in a movie review.


  3. well, shouldnt they called this “irma-she bitch of buchenwald”..might be more apropriate-if anything this shit can be appropriate (i think, the thought(hey, holocaust, lets make a sexploitation-movie about it.yay..) per se is.well somewhat revolting and sickening.The exploitation of the well…. factory-like-annihilation of almost of all members of one religion in europe is something i cant find any thing good at and i am for freedom of art (so i wouldn’t ban something like that but heavily criticize. ist indecent, bad and ugh.. its so strange to walk on the grund where a Kz stand and know, that you walk literally on the bodies of nearly as 50.000 people-almost 50% of all inhabitants which suffered there. anne frank was one of them ( i lived “near” celle-and near celle is bergen. and near bergen is you know what.) the allied-forces destroied the camp due to problems with typhus after ther was no more need for (after 1945 it was a displaced-persons-camp, wonderful for already traumatized people i think.) so, well. after i was there, after i saw things young studens dug out while on social services, i cant enjoy such films anymore. it hurts somehwat.

  4. jeah, revolution..because no nazi on his outlook would sniper some guy which tries to hold some irrelevant army-nazis for ransom. sure.

  5. and that was no Ilsa it was ilsE koch-wife of otto koch which got killed by tha nazis 44 because he stole stiff from the jews they killed-because, children, we know:gassing poeple like they were cattel is absolutely fine, but stealing from them?nah..(wel, tha nazi-government felt like the kochs stole from them. same reason why amon goeth got problem in his KZ because he put too much in his won pocket…and things nazis didnt like (exzept jews,sinti&roma, gays, christians who didnt like nazis, disabled persons, and so called “asoziale”(which means young persons who were thought of as antisocial-maybe zthey were criminal, but often they had bad luck, made a joke about hitler, listen to the wrong music (swing-jungend) or had problems with their parents. this was often enough for ravensbrück)

  6. now i have to listen to good music to help my mood.
    (this music was composed by the lover of Marcel Proust, Reynaldo Hahn and is based on a poem by Paul Verlain.)
    maybe you like it. (or maybe you have a heart of stone. which wouldn’t even be impractical, as a dictator-esse^^

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