Diamanda Hagan Review 07- Children of the Living Dead

Hagans reviews Children of the Living Dead. The worst film reviewed this season (possibly any season) and one of the worst zombie movies iv ever seen. SHARE MY PAIN!

Children of the Living Dead is owned by Westwood International



  1. Seriously Hagan, I still have nightmares over this shit! Why did I not listen to you…WHY?!

    • because your a sillyhead dear. at least you know better than towatch… battle of the bone…;

  2. Zombie’s apparently have Nightcrawler’s teleport powers. Except they don’t BAMF. Then again even if they did these characters would be too stupid to notice it.

  3. Even David’s restaurant suffered from the reputation of this movie. It is all kinds of falling down and growing weeds and trees. I know; I have seen it.

  4. holy crap batman refrence my favorite movie well you just instantly became one of my favorite reviewers

  5. Did the chicken you exhorted to freedom become Zombeak?

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