Diamanda Hagan Review 08- Condorman

Hagan reviews Condorman! A James Bond-Superhero-crossover-parody made for kids!

Condorman is owned by Disney



  1. I have returned to this older review to leave a comment because this one is a little bit special to me. Condorman is a movie which I had seen as a really small kid and then spent years and years wondering whether it actually existed or not. So this evisceration of my lost childhood, so to say, is very dear to me. And it is a nice coincidence that you happened to come up with one of my now-favorite gags in an interview review ever for it – The contagious trauma one. Thanks for doing this one!

  2. …sorry, “internet review”, not “interview review”. My brain’s blurry sometimes.

  3. You’re actually pronouncing the river’s name wrong(Seinne = Sen). But that kinda ruins the joke… Or maybe he’s in-Seine-sitive to the importance of the Tour D’Eiffel?

  4. I never thought I would hear of a movie with Michael Crawford that he did not sing in.

  5. I loved this episode, From beggining to end it was amazing!

  6. If Hagan is the Nice one, who is the mean one?

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