Kickassia Trailer (Dark Knight)

Kickassia. Done Dark Knight Style.



  1. Really good. Though now that you are on are you planning to be in the fourth anniversary? I know its a bit of time before any of that even comes up to talk but I soo wish to see you commanding your minions to take out the rest of the gang. Maybe it would be a confrontation between you and NC.

    Well on can only hope and dream.

    Good job

    • thanks! i really have to think of something to do for suburban knights though. i did vids for kickassia and the brawl after all… hmm.

      on the 4th anniversary. its not my choice if im there or not. if im asked i would be delighted to go. but im not gonna hold my breath. because of financial reasons only the most popular talent on the site go to these and im not anywhere near there yet.

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