Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Resident Evil

More Crapness…. More Zombies…. at least this one’s not Children of the Living Dead…



  1. You know what would have made sense? If the virus killed people. and then made them zombies.

    • from a zombie creation pov yeah, though from a why-would-you-want-to-destroy-the-world pov its just as bad.

      • not if it decayed really quickly, and could only be spread by bite afterwards. Then it would make sense as a zombie thing, and a bioweapon.

  2. The “Umbrella Corporation” must be powered by window 3.0

  3. Really entertaining review of a not-so-entertaining film. I heard that George Romero was set to write and direct but it fell through. Oh what could have been.

  4. I realize this comment is way way old and bordering on thread necromancy but I had a thought:

    What the hell kind of military unit equips each of their troops with a different kind of gun (look at the firefight at 13:30).

    They can’t share ammunition, they can’t pick up a teammates’ weapon with the same level of familiarity.

    It looks badass but that’s just about it.

    Yes I realize of the many nits to pick that isn’t a huge one, but it cements the dumb-assedness of the strike team pretty damn well!

  5. This is what happens when you make a movie of a game. Bad things. BAD THINGS.

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