Twatty New Who Review- Fear Her

Like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time, FEAR HER



  1. Saw this and thought of this review. A more analytical take on why this episode doesn’t work.

  2. This is hilarious 😀

  3. Ah yes, the only episode of doctor who, new or old, I’ve actually fallen asleep during. Great review.

    • glad you liked it, another uploading tomorrow (unless things go badly)

  4. I could only stand to watch “Fear Her” once, Because of that girl’s acting.
    It’s was just like nails on a blackboard

  5. Alright, just have to get this off my chest, I hate most of your reviews, but your Dr. Who reviews are brilliant. They seem to improve with every review, and the fact that you are managing to cut down the time from over 20 minutes to under 10 is just great to me. You kept the funny lines going while cutting out all the filler.

    Full disclosure: I go to Busy Street a lot and it is most likely the only reason why I visited your site and am enjoying this. Glad to see some one who can go on that site, take criticism, and defend their product. Personally I enjoy the 4th and 9th Doctor the most, guess it’s just a matter of personality.

  6. I haven’t seen this episode since I was a kid, and I liked it back then. I think I was just rather dim :I

  7. Hey Dimanda, just saying, if you keep doing these Who Reviews, you should really do the movie, Dr. Who and the Darleks. That abomination needs it’s ass handed to it.

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