Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 01 The Man from Hong Kong

First Review of the Second Series. Hagan tackles 70’s Australian Chop-Socky starring a sub-par Bruce Lee and the worst James Bond…

The Man from Hong Kong is owned by Golden Harvest.



  1. great review!
    ill eventually get around to seeing this masterpiece.

  2. Funny review, will have to check out “Almost Hollywood.” I admit I liked OHMSS but that’s more to being a massive Diana Rigg fan.

    • ‘not quite hollywood’ its an excellent documentary about australian exploitation and introduced me to some brilliant films.

  3. Australia our land marks pretty much suck besides thoughts to my citty just has theses

  4. Hey now, OHMSS was good! There were some really cool scenes in that movie. And George Lazenby isn’t bad; he’s a pretty good fighter and a good actor. He’s not the best, but he’s not the worst James Bond…*looks at Roger Moore* … James Bond isn’t supposed to be silly! What the hell!?!

  5. Dear DH:
    In the interest of international friendship, allow me to share with you some Australian cultural pointers.

    ‘The Man from Hong Kong’ is widely regarded as a high water mark for Australian film-making; indeed, it is commonly shown in high school classrooms across the country.

    We see it as a fictionalised version of real international relations.

    Wait, no, what am I even saying. This joke fell flat eight paragraphs ago. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.

    This is a guilty pleasure of a movie. It is stupid but strangely semi-awesome. Obviously you’ve seen ‘Not Quite Hollywood’ so I have nothing to add to your trove of lore.

    Bye! Keep being amazing! Bye!

  6. Ugh…Bruce Lee is spinning so fast in his grave, they’ll need to attach speed bumps inside of his coffin to slow him down. Another travesty to him along with the Brucesploitation flicks, because had he lived and went on to do this movie, I believe theirs no way in hell he would have agreed to have his character resort to shots to the crotch (or any other form of dirty fighting) to help him win fights. NO WAY IN HELL.

  7. Trenchard-Smith for the WIN!

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