The Highlander saga in 5 Seconds

The Highlander Saga in 5 Seconds. Format borrowed from The Highlander Saga is owned by 20th Century Fox.

Homelesssb’sterrd Theatre Reviews- Rossums Universal Robots

Unemployed Shakespearean Actor Aleister D. Homelesssb’sterrd (distant cousin of Chester A. Bum) talks about the latest play he caught. This Time Rossums Universal Robots by Karel Capek!

Hagan Cameos- Basil Remmingtons Machine Girl Review

4th Russian Roulette review. This time Its Basil P. Remmington (Aleisters boyfriend) in Hagans sights

Hagans got a twitter (oh the double entendre)

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Fanart- Kirbygals Hagan, Aleister and Minions Picture!

Kirbygal hagan

Kirbygal did this for my avataring and for the site. Enjoy! check out her stuff below

Kirbygals Land Before Time Collab Picture


Kirbygal did a wonderful pic of the team who did the Land Before Time collaboration. click below to see the whole thing. its too long to show all of it here. check it out.

Hagan Cameos- Gomer X reviews Hairspray!

The 3rd Russian Roulette Review.