Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 02 Left behind

Hagan gets left behind… with Left Behind… one of the few things that makes Bonekickers look rational.

Left Behind is owned by Cloud Ten.



  1. Probably my favourite review of yours- I’ve always found the rapture centred division of christianity really frakking bizarre (having one in my a level religion class was…interesting.) But nevermind that, these are just terribly written books that made for terrible films.

    Oh, and, thanks for the link.

    • it really is. gahhh. theres a goldmine of rapture movie to be reviewed out there. left behind is actually one of the better ones.,..

      • That is a terrifying thought. I think I’ll stick with Il Vangelo secondo Matteo and Jesus of Nazareth.

  2. I was laughing through most of this review – except for the puppy with a lost owner scene – because you were hilarious the whole way through. When a movie takes something rediculous, like the idea of the rapture, and makes it even worse than it is, I lose the ability to take anything in the movie seriously.

    Great review, loved your outbursts, and I felt a tingle of nostalgia when I heard Martyn Jaque. All hail The Tiger Lillies!

    • thanks tyler:) glad you liked it and i hope you like other stuff you check out!!

  3. I can not stand these movies and I am a Christian. It is movies and the people who make them like these that make the normal Christians look crazy. I am all for homosexuals to be alowd to get married and have all the rights that straight married people have. I feel God does not judge you by who you love but how you live your life.

    • Thanks Robert, I wish all Christians felt like you. The world would be a much happier place.

  4. HI
    After seeing you cameo in Lupa and Oan Citizen’s reviews I decided to check your stuff out – and I’m glad I did. Great stuff top to bottom, and I love the twisted nature of your character.

    That Kirk Cameron clip with the Croco-duck had me conflicted. It was funny as fuck, but at the same time I think he’s reached David Ike-ian levels of insanity and I feel kind of mean for mocking him. He must surely be an atheist troll, it’s scary if he’s not.

    Is this movie supposed to convert people? I only ask because it does nothing but show God to be a cruel and merciless being out to torment those who don’t blindly accept every word of every revision of the Bible no matter how nonsensical it may be. He’ll happily cause misery and grief to those left behind – even good people – just because they don’t bow to him…isn’t that terribly petty and not exactly God-like?

    Just wanted to let you know I’m loving your stuff…great job.


    • thanks paul, im glad you like what you see!

      kirk is for real. i almost wish he was a poe because id find it funny but no. he believes every word. and he’s not the craziest guy like that out there…

      the movies not really supposed to convert people, i think its mostly for those who already believe. but there are others that even worse which are supposed to. left behinds actually one of the better xian films iv seen.

  5. Just came across you after mentions from Lupa, and I’ll be adding you to my list of people to watch! So glad to see someone tackling the epic fuckery of Left Behind. Please, please review Pamela’s Prayer; You’ll have me as a minion for life!

    Seriously, you had me laughing all throughout the review.

    • Heyas and I’ll have to thank Lupa for bigging me up 🙂

      Never heard of Pamelas Prayer but I’ll check it out and thanks so much for the kind words!

  6. “What countrys flags are they!?!?!?”

    umm…. theres Finland? *criket sounds* no one?

    But yeah, great reviews XD Have seen you on some other peoples videos some times, and I HAD wondered who and where you were, and TADA! your video was in TGWTG and your name was clearly mentioned, so my tiny brain got it! yay!!! *waves a tiny finnish flag*

    I personally love these kinds of Christian films… Why? because no matter HOW hard they try, the religioun ALWAYS ends up feeling very American! for a lack of better jokes, I always feel like adding “in America” Bandith Keith in there some where XD

    For some odd reason, I am very entranced by your face……

    • Those ‘UN Flags’ are the flags of Canada’s Provinces. Probably a picture outside the House of Commons in Ottawa.

    • That’s what I thought, and I found it hilarious. I guess the flag of Quebec looks a bit like a reversed Finnish flag, and the nova Scotia one has similar colours.

    • As I said earlier directed towards the comment that already replied to you, the flags of Quebec and Nova Scotia have similar colours/ designs to the Finnish flag.
      Also, you could find a country flag in that picture, the Canadian one, if that counts since they’re all in some way Canadian.

  7. i migrated over here after seeing your first two videos on TGWTG.com and wow, people over there thought your character was controversial. Their brains might explode if they saw this, which is awesome. I’m sure you’ll get many more comments from people who think your character does things in bad taste, but if the internet is kind, you’ll get far more from those of us who let our freak flags fly. Love your videos, and I really hope the exposure on TGWTG brings in lots of new viewers.

  8. Those ‘UN Flags’ are the flags of Canada’s Provinces.

  9. Fundamentalist Christians are really fixated on the end of the world, for some reason. Like, they actually look forward to it… and personally I think it’s because some of them want to go “See? We were right all alone!”

    BTW, according to rapture-based fundamentalist Christianity, the unraptured would also include Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and any Catholic-based branch of Christianity (in other words: Episcopalians, you are damned right along with the Catholics).

    I am proud to not belong to a religion that believes in all this weird.

  10. BTW, if a bunch of people spontaneously vanished from the entire planet, my first guess would be “ALIENS!”, not God.

  11. Aren’t they all Canada Province flags? Newfoundland is right up front! ❤

    • Also commenting in the middle of a video reloads it . . ;_;

      • I found that out the hard way.

  12. this made me happy on the inside. ❤

  13. Excellent review, Hagan!

    I (like many others) became aware of your stuff through OanCitizen and TGWTG and I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up with your stuff (enjoying it very much by the way).

    I have to admit, as an introspective Catholic, I’m morbidly fascinated by this kind of Christian fundamentalism and the bizarre hypocricy it puts forward as a matter of course. I defy anyone with a straight face to claim that this movie is a ‘literal’ interpretation of the book of Revelation! Ugh. It’s people like these that form a very compelling case of atheism.

    Anyroad, the point of this rambling is as follows: have you read any of the evangalist blogger Fred Clark’s stuff? (Google ‘slacktivist’ and ‘left behind’ and it’ll come up) He has done, and is still in process of doing, the most thorough and indepth deconstruction of this excrable book series on his site. I highly advise you read it, because it is truly epic and also very funny. It certainly helped me enjoy your review even more!

    Keep up the good work Mistress,
    Hail Hagan

  14. Having a batshit Aunt who is both a religious nutbag and a homophobe (and believes in the rapture) this video is one of my favorites of yours. You’ve mentioned in another video that you’ve seen all the left behind films, are planning on reviewing the other movies or did you get all that you had to say out on this one?

    • iv seen all the left behind films (and wait with baited breath their attempt to reboot it) but iv no wish to review the other 2 right now. I have some rapture idiocy that im gonna be abusing and to do the other left behinds as well would seem loike victimising one group of crazies over others.

      im doing all 4 apocalypse films after s3 ends

      • Yeees, everyone should have the right to equal victimization…
        As I suspect you to be a fellow atheist, we would not have the religious complain because of favoritism, yes? ^^
        This review (as most others from you I’ve seen) is really lovely, especially thrilling, when in the begining I saw the directors name and had pretty much the same thought as you apparently (Sarin? This will be noxious… 😉
        On a sidenote, I’m a bit sad that there are no more Bonekickers episodes for you to eviscerade…
        Very much looking forward to your next review.

      • (Months later…)

        But aren’t you still victimizing the same group of crazies, give or take Team Comfort-Cameron, by moving onto the Apocalypse series?

        (Not that that’s a bad thing. The team which brought us This Week In Bible Prophecy puts the “k” in “kwality.”)

      • Indeed I am. Currently writing those reviews. Their going up after s3 finishes.

  15. Oh yes this steaming pile of maggot infested horse shit. I watched this once when I was a kid, I went with some neighbours who were having a get together at their church. For whatever insane reason they decided to play this for everyone to see. Now while I’m not an atheist I’m not theist either by any stretch of the imagination and even if I was I can safely say I still wouldn’t like this film, or lobotomy rather because I think watching this is exactly what one must feel like. Hell I think if the Christian god existed the makers of this film would be on his top 10 list of people to smite because it’s that shitty.

    Today I look back on “left behind” both laughing and cringing. So I would like to thank you for tearing it a new one Diamanda you vile yet somehow lovable hell beast.

  16. Diamanda, that was one of you best reviews every. The last scene with you shooting the minion as he was going down on you is exactly the mixture of batshit insane, sick humor and witty commentary that makes me love you so much! Keep up the craziiness, don’t go softer for mass compatability, I like you just the way you are 😉

    • Thanks 🙂

      I personally dont rate left behind THAT highly among my stuff but you have good company with liking it. Its omegas fave too.

      I hope im not mellowing with time. if i am its not deliberate.

      thanks for the kind words.

  17. Just started watchin your reviews and they are awesome. You said you dodnt know any other movies Gordon Currie was in. I first saw him in Puppet Master 4. One of the best Puppet Masters if you ask me. He’s also in the sequel and The Fear: Halloween Night, they’re not that good. Anyways keep up the good work and lovin the minions. That last poor minion. Good stuff.

    • heyas, glad you’re liking the reviews! not seen the fear: halloween night but since doing this review i checked out all the puppet masters for a maybe reviewing type thing and recognised him. he’s far better than the guy (s) in the apocalypse films.

      • You reviewing the Puppet Master films would be awesome. Have like a Full Moon-a-thon, that’d be cool. I’m sure you got a lot of reviews on your plate though and am totally looking forward to ’em all. And from what I saw in Left Behind, you’re right. Gordon Currie is alot better in Puppet Master. Keep up the excellent work.

  18. “Rapture” is also derived from the Middle Latin word for “seizure,” “carrying off,” and “rape.” Take several billion shots.

  19. Worst standing-in Casa Loma (fake Canadian castle) has ever done.

    Was that Kirk Cameron just standing there in the CBC BUILDING???!!

  20. Since many people “loved” this movie, I hope you are all ready for a “big budget” remake of the series. I know, I thought it was a joke too. Simms was looking the movie up and he saw an article of a remake.

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