Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 03 Intermedio (Dead and Dying)

Hagan takes a look at the most boring tunnel based movie ever to star Amber Benson! this is Intermedio (Dead and Dying).



  1. It does suck when you see an actor or actress you like starring in some utter crap. So happy you got to meet Amber.

  2. I thought I’d also mention I enjoyed the review a lot- sadly it seems the asylum’s original material is if anything worse than their mockbusters.

  3. I can’t get this video to work. I just get a Sorry, Unable to play episode.

    • I have no idea whats going on there. Are any others affected? is the basic blip? im trying to check things but im trapped with almost dial up net right now

      • That seems to be the only video that I found that did not work. It works now. I can’t help but to think that Amber Benson’s character did not do anything. This seems to be the movie to work off a speeding ticket. I can’t help but to think of the lack of Terminator jokes, but I guess obvious jokes are obvious. On another note She was one of my 2 favorite characters from Buffy, the other being Anya.

  4. I’m somewhat happy you changed the intro theme. Now everytime I watch one of your videos I no longer have the nagging urge to reinstall VtM: Bloodlines. Who’s got two thumbs and tends to Blood Boil the random passerby? This guy!

    • Brilliant! Since everybody’s dead, there are no witnesses and without witnesses, the masquerade stays intact! (Until someone does an autopsy) 😛

  5. you have awesome socks! vital information for you life

  6. I loved Amber Benson’s “Chance.” She, James Marsters, and the late great Andy Hallett were my favourites out of the BtVS/Ats casts.

    And I think this is the second time Edward Furlong was in a movie with a BtVS cast member; he was also in the Crow 4: Wicked Prayer with David Boreanaz (C4:WP is a terrifically awesome bad film, and I highly recommend it… and not just because Dennis Hopper is a fur-coat-wearin’ pimp named El Nino).

    • oooh yeah chance. nor brilliant but cool. I read the script before i got the film and maybe because of all the buffy people around it felt a bit weird. liked it lots though. I had a copy in my dvd carrier at magfest. not seen any of the crow sequels though.

  7. Actually since you decided that the survivors are both pre operation transsexuals, doesn’t that mean that Amber Benson was a lesbian in this film?

  8. I thought your review of this might have been a little harsh but now that I’ve watched the movie I salute your restraint Mistress. Ye gods what a dog of a film.

  9. What’s the music for the “dance of exposition”? It’s driving me nuts trying to find it.

  10. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0386120/ This guy’s been in Buffy, SUper jesus and XTan Cowboy’s Christmas with Kai MUrphy – of Sterling Silver by my friend Keith L Hall’s friend Brian K Palmer and Rendezvous and Rhythm, two shorts by Keith L Hall’s friend Luisa Pacheco (not the Portugese-French actress)

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