Fan Art- Robert Millions Hagan/ Aleister Painting.


Done as part of Robert Millions Review of Diamanda Hagan!

Original can be found here

Fanart- Kirbygals Fave bits from the Land Before Time 8 Review


Original by Kirbygal

Hagan Cameos- Canadian Critisism ep1

Blink and you’ll miss it. As ‘clown 10’

Hagan Cameos- APOLLO z. HACK: A Reviewaverse Saga EP5

A second Revuer is born thus unleashing a furious storm of revelations and violence upon Apollo Z. Hack. But when Awesome agent Obscurus Lupa enters the fray, Hack, now Revuer 1, is given a fighting chance as he and Lupa combat the dark forces that beckon the Nerdpocalypse.

Hagan Cameos- Cartoon Heros In Search of the Titanic Review

The Cartoon Hero finally puts the terrible trio of Titanic ripoffs to rest when he reviews the sequel to The Legend of the Titanic at the behest of Diamanda Hagan..but is even he ready for what’s in store?

Bonekickers Reviews Episode 3

Episode 3 ‘The Eternal Fire’ of Bonekickers (the worst British show of the last decade) Reviewed.

Bonekickers is owned by the BBC. Everything else is owned by their owners.

Anti-Life Signal Ep 3!

Without Cin Wicked or Derek, this episode features guest hosts Obscurus Lupa and Apollo Z Hack as we talk B-Movie culture! Enjoy!

Diamanda Hagan Plug- Wild Zero

Hagan Plugs the other great Japanese Zombie Movie of the Last Decade! Wild Zero is Owned by Takeuchi Entertainment.

Flubs- Left Behind Review

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Left Behind Review

Flubs- Cartoon Hero and Robert Million Cameos

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from Hagans Cameos in The Cartoon Heros Inukami and Robert Millions Diamanda Hagan Reviews!