Diamanda Hagan Plug- Wild Zero

Hagan Plugs the other great Japanese Zombie Movie of the Last Decade! Wild Zero is Owned by Takeuchi Entertainment.



  1. There was a midnight screening of Wild Zero where I live a few months back but didn’t go because it was in a bad part of town and I would had to have gone alone. (Where I live is the number one murder capital of my state). This looks like a good movie but getting mugged and/or shot in the middle of the night didn’t seem worth it. Or maybe it is? 😛

  2. Fuck, this looks awesome!!!

  3. Wait. Versus? Versus as in Japanese movie of samurai esq people fighting zombies then switching to “modern” day in the forest of reincarnation and the girl having to choose between two fighters?!? If it is…I think I love you.

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