Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 04 The Black Gestapo

Hagan Reviews the only (I think) Blaxploitation/ Nazispolitation crossover. The Black Gestapo is owned by Brayanston Releasing.



  1. How do I do my part? Also I am not sure what kind of gun that was, I am not sure if most guns can shoot under water. There is the AA12 that can shoot after being taken out of water.

  2. Any gun can fire underwater, albeit not very well. And any gun can fire after being taken out of the water nearly as well as a dry one. But most modern guns and especially the ones used in movies are “gas operated” meaning they use some of the gases left over from the exploding gun powder to move the parts of the gun that chamber a new round and cock the hammer. A gas operated gun fired under water or full of water can’t use the expanding gases to chamber a new round so they can only be fired once without manually inserting a new round and cocking the hammer. Revolvers don’t have this problem which is why they were very popular with the early Seal teams.

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