Diamanda Hagan Review- S2 05 The Raspberry Reich

Hagan reviews ‘The Raspberry Reich’! The only Communist-Terrorist-Revolutionary-Gay-Hardcore Porno she could find!



  1. Another excellent review- not sure where to start with what I liked- the CNN parody, the cameos (Lupa, yay!) the great sound clips (props for the meet the feebles reference, love that film.) Gwendoline looks like fun.

  2. Just wanted to say after watching all of your ep’s of bonekickers and most of your reviews here I really enjoy your show a lot ! keep up the good work 😉

  3. I like how the review before this had a request for porn. For some reason I saw the speaker of that comment as straight.

  4. Hello, I’m a Cinema Snob (for real) and if I wish to watch a movie about people having sex for the Revolution I’d stick with either Dusan Makavejev’s ‘WR – Mysteries of the Organism’ or its follow-up ‘Sweet Movie’, thank you very much.

  5. guh. oO why were there a guy who recited well, the Ta’awwudh ?

    well an guy who recites the Ta´awwudh in a gayporn?(I seek refuge in Allah from Shaitan, the accursed one- some people do it before they pray or recite quran or do anything..well, some might even do it before fucking(but thats damn creepy….)
    first i tried to be offended, as muslim as i am, but well, no, ist so much more funnier this way^^ (but la bruce has luck, i think some assholes, which might have problem with sodomy, despite the sticks they have in their rears wont find that so funny.. (which is sad-these should make revenge porn instead of killing people. oh the world would be a better one.

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