Twatty New Who Review- The Doctors Daughter


More Angry than Funny and like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time, THE DOCTORS DAUGHTER



  1. Only a few minutes in but just wanted to write to say agree a hundred per cent Donna was the best of RTD’s companions. I met Catherine Tate a few years ago, kinda made a fool of myself but she was lovely.

    • yup. all hail donna. although amy is better,

      • Indeed. I met Matt and Karen briefly when they were in Belfast before the launch of the series- got Karen’s autograph. Well worth the cold and rain.

  2. I admit I always thought the looms was never officially confirmed, just something in the novels. But I did enjoy you pointing out the hypocrisy of things like the doctor’s attitude to guns and violence compared to the old series, that’s always been a bug bear of mine.

    • the dr who canon is so mangled that its almost impossible to make anything coherant out of it. if i remmeber correctly atlantis was destroyed 3 diff times in the classic series alone. so im going from my own personal canon in these reviews (like im going from my own opinions)

      • I remember one of those atlantis episodes. It was the one with professor zaroff, who is by far the best (and hammiest) doctor who villain of all time.

      • sounds like the time monster with jon pertwee

  3. Actually it was the underwater menace with patrick throughton. (and it’s unfortunately a partly lost episode)

  4. I hated Donna personally I found her obnoxious and stupid I still find rose more anoying though at least Donna had personality Tennant is probably my favourite doctor (except maybe Pertwee) my one problem is he was the doctor during the russel t davis erra davis pretty much sucks and season 4 was in my opinion terribkle it made little sense adn even moffat wrote bad episodes (and he can usualy be counted on to be a good writer) thankfully season 5 was amazing.

    • yeh the rtd era was lacking in many many things (though it did do a few things better than the moffat era- lgbt stuff and the design of the daleks mainly)

      tennant im very ambivelant about. i thought he was more doctory than eccleston but for a fanboy he seemed to have very little idea what the doctor was like.maybe it was the writing and with different team behind him he woulda been better i dunno.

  5. The one thing that got on my tit ends about Martha Jones was she squeaked when she was in danger…..

  6. To me, the most aggravating thing about this episode (other than the numerous flaws you already pointed out), was what happened to all the dead bodies? Over 600 generations of soldiers are killed in a week, where did the rotting corpses go? They could have fixed this by adding a scene where they put fallen soldiers through a machine that vaporized them or something, but the writer just didn’t seem to care.

  7. Kudos on finally taking bloody Sir Douglas Haig down a peg!

  8. Some of the aspects do make sense in retrospect as to why there’s a freakin’ old guy, (probably the lone mad survivor of the orignal crew, which explains why’s he’s old…and mad.) And the cloning process makes a little more sense considering it was intended for colonization instead of war making. However, this is just making excuses for the episode and doing more thinking than the writer did.

    And dang it, I actually like this episode. However you definately made it a lot harder to endure the sucky parts of it. I’m mostly in for it to watch Georgia Moffett look cute. Yes. I like Jenny. Shoot me. Okay, wrong choice of worgdfjffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  9. With the way the episode left off (Jenny proclaiming she was out to find adventures in space), I always got the feeing that maybe they were trying to launch some sort of misguided spinoff.

    As far as I know, nothing like that ever came to pass and I continue to breathe a sign of relieve on that one.

  10. I like exactly ONE thing about this episode – the fact that they got the Doctor’s daughter to play the Doctor’s daughter.

    Also, corridors full of lasers have to be the single most useless “security system” in the evil overlord’s base options since every single time I’ve seen one it only takes one girl with some gymnastics training to get to the other side and disable it.

    Or occasionally a dancing Frenchman

    • I really shoulda pointed out that because the End of the World indicated that all the previous docs DNA is in The Doctors body that Jenny was literally a female clone of the 5th Doctor. Oh well, maybe I’ll get another ep featuring her I can bitch about later on.

  11. I think,personally,that the “emotional outbursts” that the Doc had were a bit cheesy,especially towards episode end. I mean,the Doc who so desperately tries to be funny (and oh my,sometimes hits the spot…go figure) actually HAS other emotions? Kinda cheesy…yeah…definetly.
    The daughter is actually sort of cute tho. In her kinda militaristic,GI Jane sort of way. And would be good to at least,maybe,in near future,see a pilot of maybe Jane Who LoLz.

    The lasers were there just to annoy us viewers and,almost,slow down the Doc and his crew,but with a sonic screwdriver and Jane’s athletic skills they were almost as useless as a saddle on a Yeti.
    And as far as the “no guns,no violence” part goes…WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING IN THE EFFIN TIME WAR ANYWAY? No guns? I don’t think so.

  12. If timelords’ genes was altered, it’s logically to assume their clones would have altered genes too.
    Modern Doctor’s hatred for guns can be explained by what he done in Time War. He desided to reject and forget that experiense, so NO MORE guns.
    But what really bugs me about this episode that they made another timelord and they didn’t go anywhere with it. If the Doctor accepted Smiley as his daughter, then he is not alone anymore. He is not the last of the timelords anymore. But we never heard about her again. When Moffat made River Song into half-timelord, he went somewhere with it. RTD however didn’t give a fuck and turned this into a pointless filler.

  13. The “Looms” don’t really exist in Doctor Who canon. I think they appear once in a novel – which was immediately hated by fans (those that read it) because it incredibly silly and makes the Doctor and the Time Lords sillier by association and because it make the Doctor’s Granddaughter from the Frist Doctor technically no longer his Granddaughter, which made die hard fans of classic Doctor Who REALLY upset. So the “looms” go on the “list of things we never talk about on Doctor Who”. Also Doctor Who canon has a tendency to change every week, adding the looms was a change in canon in the first place (plus one that never appeared or was mentioned on screen), removing them is simply another change.

    • When I talk about canon in my Twatty Whos Im talking about my own personal canon.

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