Diamanda Hagan Special Review- The Screwfly Solution

Part of the Masters of Horror Series 2 Collaboration. Hagan takes a look at Joe Dantes adaption of ‘The Screwfly Solution’ Masters of Horror is owned by Showtime.



  1. Funny and entertaining review. I’ve always been meaning to watch this show but never got around to it yet. Would there be any particular episodes you’d recommend?

    • well this one, washingtonians, sick girl, chocolate and a couple others are good:)

  2. I can also recommend “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road” and “Cigarette Burns”. “Burns” is my personal favorite.

  3. Very nice Review, but seriously, having seen all three Seasons of Masters of Horror(/Fear Itself), I have to say that “The Washingtonians” was the worst episode of them all by far Even worse than “Haekle’s Tale”, which I otherwise can say nothing good about. The best episodes in my humble opinion were “Imprint” (but then not everyone likes Miike…), “The Black Cat” and “Sick Girl”.
    In any case, I’d like to see the review you were referring to in the beginning of your video, where do I find it?

    Best regards

    • that review never appeared 😦 all that intro and not being able to do the washingtonians for nothing. sigh

      glad you liked it. personally i loved the washingtonians. but thats just me.

  4. A wonderful review of a disturbing film.
    Should the opportunity present itself, the original short story by Alice Sheldon ( writing as James Tiptree Jr.) is worth seeking out. The movie does seem to be as faithful to the source material as one could ask, but you end up with an overabundance of titillation and slasher tropes. Ms. Sheldon specialized in stories that dealt with the relationships between women and men, and Screwfly Solution was one her creepiest. More subdued than the movie, the ‘aliens did it’ ending provided a somewhat plausible plot device, without resorting to overused cliché (i.e.: government conspiracies etc.). Ultimately it was more about masculine violence than aliens and still chills me years after reading it. Not a happy story, but well done.
    Now that I’ve done my ‘college student literature analysis’ shtick, I return to praising she-who-must-be-feared.
    I’m loving your reviews, (having learned about them only recently from a cameo you did). Thank you so much for such lovely entertainment. -tucker

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