Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Hagan Slasher Special

Hagan does a rundown of 6 Slasher Movies you might not have seen and probably don’t want to see…



  1. Hey diamanda, loved the review !!! I have seen dead man’s shoes even bought a copy direct from the uk really good movie !!. Even watched and bought the original haute tension that’s another good movie out there where I believe the killer was a lesbian. Well anyway just wanted to say Love your reviews and not sure if your aware but the Adrian lester who was in Bonekickers and from what I can see of your review did terrible in bonekickers was in one of my favorite uk series called hustle. Just wanted to know if you ever watched it and what do you think of it ?

    • heyas

      glad you liked the review, havent seen haute tension but would be happy to some time. iv heard of hustle but havent watched any as of yet. adrian was also in a film phelous reviewed, i was almost begging him to mention bonekickers. not my reviews, just the awful masterpiece that show is.

      • Yeah it looks pretty bad, By the way what part of Ireland you live in ? a friend of mine moved out to here from Dublin. Always wanted to visit Ireland both north and south anyway. Then perhaps checkout Welsh country after that. Either way oh well keep up the good work and again love your reviews and can’t wait for more !

  2. I live in northern ireland right now, quite a few hours from dublin lol. if you go to wales cardiff has some awesome book shops!

    • Really ? cool thank you, do you know a place where I can find plenty of good horror/ sci-fi books ? I remember buying a book from A.J. Quinnell from New Zealand for a total of 15$ was actually shocked by that. but since I have been using ebay I have bought several things from around the world. I hope this is not to personal a question but I was just wondering and you don’t have to answer if you don’t feel like it either. But are you a lesbian or bi ? And if you are either how difficult is it for you out in Ireland ? Sorry if this is coming out of left field and all but I’m just finished drinking to 20oz’s of coke something I don’t normally do so I’m rather hyper and scattered of mind. 🙂

      • theres a great second hand bookshop in cardiff in a smaller shopping arcade. i cant remember the name if it though, been ages since iv been there. i remmeber you could see it in an ep of torchwood though. and im pretty def lesbian.

  3. Oh and sorry if I’m talking to much and all but I was just rewatching your Warhammer 40,000 review and thought it really interesting. After watching your review I went and looked it up on Wikipedia and read some more sounds like a pretty cool series of games to get into. And fairly varied in the characters and races in it, When playing a game like this what would you consider more fun playing a one on one match or just getting a group of people together to play?

    • well a single game can last 4-5 hrs easily and can take up the better part of a room so unless youv plenty of space and time i wouldnt advise getting a bunch of people over for a game lol

      • Thanks for the fast replies 🙂

        don’t suppose you know if they have anything online for warhammer ?

  4. Hey there, OwenDeathstalker. Currently this is where I’m getting most of my wargaming stuff from: (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php) Although now I am buying more FoW stuff and kind of giving up on 40k. They deliver anywhere in the world as far as I know and have the best discounts I’ve seen so far. Games Workshop official site: (http://www.games-workshop.com) you’ll find most of the things you need to know on how to get started there.

    Hope it helped.

    • Yes it did thank you, I have been to one of their stores out here in ny a while back very nice place.

  5. anyone else kind of think that from a certain angle and distance the guy dressed as a cop in “Hellbent” kind of looks like John Barrowman. I’m speaking of the scene where they are taunting the killer.

  6. “Why top six? Because FUCK YOU!!!”

    Wow, I am gonna be quoting that one for YEARS. lol.

    Excellent list. Very informative and funny. Does this mean that Hagan will be doing more top six lists of other subjects from now on? Besides any other entertainment mediums, perhaps we could get a top six minion deaths list? True, many of them are done off camera, but that doesn’t make them any less funny. I know, I’m evil.

    • hehe

      more lists probly coming but i wont be sticking to top 6s. i’ll base the number on the amount of things i find. that way i wont drop stuff i think thats good or fill them with crap 🙂

      2 possible ones are the top however many stupidest moments in bonekickers and maybe a list of brilliant british tv show intros that people might not have seen

  7. I just wanted to say….GOD DAMN THAT DOKKEN SONG IS AWESOME!!!

    That is all.

  8. Wait, wasn’t Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon also a slasher film from the Slasher’s point of view like Dead Man’s Shoes, as well as the french movie “Man Bites Dog”?

  9. Yes I did rather enjoy you decapitating the minion. Dead Man’s Shoes kicks ass, saw it awhile ago and couldn’t forget it. Hearing Dream Warriors always makes me think of ANOES 3 and when I saw Dokken, Whitesnake and the Scorpions in concert. Thank you for that. Slashers Rock!!!

  10. Dream Warriors and Now you’re a Man! … you made my day Hagan

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