Twatty New Who Review- Planet of the Dead


More Angry than Funny and like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time, PLANET OF THE DEAD



  1. Note that the bus damage was actually caused by shipping an actual bus to Dubai just so it can sit there in the desert. Apparently a crane or something smashed into it or something happened in the box it was shipped in, I forget which. They decided to work it into the story. And yeah, the Doctor letting not-Lupin III go (after she refused to become the new Companion) ranks high on stupidest Russel T moments ever.

    I still claim that the end of Martha’s arc, which ends with the biggest bit of Doctor worship any fanboy could ever pull, is #1.

    • yeah the bus damage real reason was one of the things i cut out while editting. admirable that they tried to work it into the script but the fact they were sneding the bus to dubai was tupid and their eventual script reaosn for the damamge was equally so

      i should do a top 10 dumb momnets in rtd dr who lol

  2. a lot of the charm of the old show came from the low budget. Getting a major budget was the worst thing to happen to this show (besides the whole… love thing) Who smuggles a bus into Dubai?
    Who is this annoying, quasi-american Salt chick?
    And why is that guy wearing a sweater vest?
    How is the pseudoscience WORSE than in the original? it shouldn’t be possible. but somehow, Russel T. made it happen.

    • im personally fine with the budget, i just it didnt go so mainstream heh. but i suppose it was mainstream in the 70’s…

      who smuggles a bus into dubia? they took t there by the power of FREIGHT

      the quasi america? retardo catwoman? she was lady christina de souza and a sign i shouldnt get what i wish for from russel t davies. i wanted an older, not supposed to e perfect and non working class companion.

      sweatervest, mainly because he feels like it…

      how is it worse, because in the original at times they had people who gave a crap about the science.

      • The series started off as a way to make science and history look cool or something along those lines. It just ended up going a different direction.

  3. Just a few minutes in and no, you’re not a bad person for wanting the remaining specials destroyed- I hated them too (especially the last 15 minutes of end of time which was so smug and self-congratulatory, capped off by a line so irritating I nearly shouted fuck off at the screen, except for the fact my parents were in the room- oh and they loved it. Sigh.)

  4. I feel the same way about it too. Sigh

  5. When they first introduced the Judoon the Confidential episode said something along the lines of “Its strange how we have never done anthropomorphic animals before.” I thought, no it isn’t, it is a good thing because anthro-aliens are the single laziest idea in science fiction. Even human aliens are a better idea, at least then you have plot shenanigans you can use. (I prefer to think of Rattigan (sp?) from Gridlock as a Moreu, a human animal hybrid made by SCIENCE. OK this clashes with what is implied by the episode but makes far more sense in my head, particularly with the ability to interbreed.)

    As for the specials, I enjoyed The Next Doctor at the time (although the Fridge Logic hits rather hard) and feel that it had the best overall premise of the lot, even if it was bungled. It is also the only episode of the new series so far to get the priorities of the Cybermen and Daleks the right way round. Cybermen are the ones focused on survival to the exclusion of all else, not Daleks.

    I lost patience with The Waters of Mars the moment they said the birds where there to keep the insect population under control. So when given a choice between steralising your seed stock and hyrdoponics supplies to kill all the insect eggs and larve and manualy fertelising or bringing birds, you brought birds. What keeps their population in check? What keeps them out of the station’s vital components? Plus I really wanted Ice Warriors. Damnit where is the only doctor who race to swap sides? The race that SHARES OUR SOLAR SYSTEM? OK so we know they are not on Mars ATM but presumably they abandoned it for collonies and intend to return to the homeland at some point. I WANT MY MARTIANS!

    As for The End of Time? Some nice ideas horribly blundered for no good reason but I can sum up the lasting impact of the special in five words.

    “I don’t want to go.”

    F*** the specials.

  6. So, they shot bits of the episode in a country with a homophobic legislation, and T. Davies, whom is Takei, was okay with that?

    • going from the writers tale book he seems pretty enthusiastic that their going. he was also enthusiastic about not mentioning the cuntrags in charge of the country.

  7. Okay, people, we need to start fabricating evidence that Hagan wrote Shakespeare’s plays!

  8. I’m a bit more tolerant of the new era than you are, Mighty Monarch of Haganistan, but not to the point that I’m willing to accept shitty writing or shitty Mary-Rose companions or any of the other failings of the period.
    I do like Drs Nine through Eleven – I think they respectively did pretty well – but I’ll point to the example of Colin Baker. A pretty cool actor who wanted to do interesting things in the role, and got handed some of the most craptacular scripts in the show’s entire history. I’m just glad he got the chance to do better work with better stories in the EU stuff.
    Like many others, I’m curious to hear from you on the subject of what you would consider a GOOD episode from the revival era of the show. Just as with sfdebris and his Opiniated ST reviews, I think it would make an interesting counterpoint.

    Regardless, I’m loving your work. So MUCH work. How do you find time to eat or sleep?

  9. I hate the new Dr Who its fecking awful .ok the old Dr Who had its fair share of dodgy stuff but at least it had zero money thrown at it .and was deliberately run into the ground by the head of BBC who openly hated the show.

    Also i was told by somebody well up i the world of CGI that they deliberately keep the CGI naff, because some how that makes it more like Dr Who looking .also the use of a lot of the practical effects look shite like the guns which shoot little puffs of flame .then theres the constant shit music and magical bullshit to contend with .now im not just bitching about it because i liked the old version so feel the neeed to hate anything new.i wanted the new Dr Who to be good or at least passable to being with then get better as it went one .this started blandly and sank like a fecking rock .

    Its that bad even seeing the adds on tv turns my guts.yes the old one was made with a budget of 5p ,but at least they tried to do something with and tell a story no matter how naff it may have looked on screen .

  10. Could you tell me the name of the song that was playing during the “Unit personnel killing montage”?

  11. In terms of the whole Dubai thing, while I agree with you on the financing and the fact that LGBT rights there NEED and HAVE to improve, it honestly could have been worse. There is more freedom in general there than in someplace like Saudi Arabia which is literally a theocracy, and from the news reports I’ve read the situation in Dubai IS improving.

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