Hagan Commentaries 01 07- Children of the Living Dead Review

Hagan and Meatshield (Many Minions) do a commentary for the Children of the Living Dead Review!



  1. I saw this movie a few years ago, late at night on cable, got to the part where they revive the teenagers at the cemetery after the funeral and then switched the channel, it was so boring. I remember thinking “Why the HELL didn’t they buried them?”

    • *writer of children of the living dead*: ‘why? because FUCK YOU|!!!!!!!!!’


  2. Another excellent commentary. It is kind of scary to hear the real you so angry over a movie. It’s quite different then when you play Hagan.

    On a side note, I’ve noticed that generally most commentaries tend to work better with smaller groups. If not, you have everyone interrupting each other and words getting garbled. Was your choice to have your commentaries with one other person because of this reason, or was it because of scheduling?

    PS – I can’t wait for the commentary for Condorman!

    • hi, iv been told before by people who only know me through hagan or aleister vids that its quite a shock to hear the real me, its weird for me too to listen to the commentary when editting it with the video (since im only used to hearing me as hagan or aleister heh)

      id done a commentry for soemthing with a group years before and it was terrible so i figured id do it by self , then i realised that im pretty damn boring by myself so i’d need someone with me to talk to and so decided to enlist one of the team for each one. so far only one of the regulars has declined to take part so when condorman appears (i dunno when itll be recorded) it should have yet another person for me to play off of.

      after that the idea is that the land before time, resident evil and bosco reviews will be done without me so that the minions can say what they want with me heh.

      im glad you find them entertaining, few people seem to watch them so to meet someone who enjoys them is nice. but few views or not we’re gonna keep doing them, their fun.

    • i try to work out who’s gonna be with me each time and then schedule around them, its not just a case of ‘commentary, whos there. YOU, YOU’LL DO!’ 🙂

      thats why the condorman reviews not bene done yet. iv not been able to schedule it. my co-commentators a pretty busy guy

  3. Speaking strictly for myself, I would enjoy hearing a solo commentary. It would be interesting to hear you explain the jokes as they appear, as well as the various subtle references to other movies and popular culture. Such things are not to everyone’s taste, but I would like to hear one. Don’t mind my ramblings, lol.

    I have been meaning to ask you something. You seem like an anime savvy person. So I was wondering if sometime you could do a special review of an anime. There are plenty of terrible anime to review; dull and plodding like Humanoid or Venus Wars, weird and nonsensical like Gowcaizer, and concentrated horseshit like M.D. Geist. Just a thought.

    PS – If you haven’t seen Iczer-One, it has a dycon in it *coughIczer-Twocough*. Worth seeing if you haven’t.

    • i might do a solo commentary, but the trick would be working out what to do it on. because i prefer to have the more than one person for the hagan reviews.

      maybe attempt it for bonekickers or dr who or aleister or something. maybe i’ll let people vote for what hagan they want me to commentate by myself on heh.

      on anime, to be honest its not my area. by brother who plays teddy is a massive anime fan and iv picked up some stuff through him but its really not my thing. so i rpbly wont be doing any anime reviews, but never say never 🙂

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