Diamanda Hagan Review- 02 07 Faust Love of the Damned

Hagan takes a look at the least famous Satanic/ Horror/ Superhero movie ever made! (Unless theres another she missed). Faust Love of the Damed is owned by Fantastic Factory .



  1. Utterly brilliant- had to stop the video at one or two moments because I was laughing so hard (e.g. the all your base reference.) It seems like a film with a lot of wasted potential.

  2. Well… it could work actually, after all evil is sexy and sexy is evil, that’s why you don’t see most religions proclaiming lust as one of their virtues, but rather as a sin. Ain’t I right, evil one?

    • well to be fair christianity does tell people to go off and have sex while saying sex is evil (go forth and multiply)

      but wait. .. your saying hagans sexy?

      • Hmmm… I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. What’s it to you? *raises an eyebrow evily* lol

      • She has a lot more than I do…
        Cunnilingus Time!

        PS. Love the hat!

      • You’re right! There is no point in denying it any longer! *joins Diana*

        See, now you have two viewers sucking you off at the same time. Evil is sexy… and kinky! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. well thanks TK and Diana though i cant help but think i might enjoy the sucking off part more if I had a penis.


    • I am not good at porn talk in a different language than my native one… (probably not even in my native language either) don’t know all the proper terms.

      Sorry, better leave the porn fan fiction to others.

      • nah, its ok. i was just amused because ‘sucking off’ is a term used about penis’s. hehe

        be as porny as you want:)

      • Yup, the story of my life right there, one awkward moment after another…

        Something tells me this happened for betraying Khorne by siding Slaanesh… nah, I better stick to what I know, now if you excuse me, I am going to go kill things for a while, I got some redeeming to do…

        “Buuugs! I’m from Buenos Aires and I say kill’em all!” (aka: will go play some starship troopers… and yes, I actually am from Buenos Aires)

    • You could put on a strap-on. We could suck that. ๐Ÿ˜› (Yes, I went there.)

  4. I remember seeing this movie. It is pretty f’d up.

    And I love the next movie that is going to be reviewed.

    • hehe, itll be a little bit before biggles because the traielr is for the next official review but i try to do the shorter unscheduled special reviews just to surprise everyone too.

  5. Love the fake Re-animator 4 trailer! It was perfectly edited and your “movie trailer guy” voice (I’m assuming it was your voice) was very funny. That movie needs to be made.

    • hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ i just wish the real re-animator 4 (set in the white house) was made, they didnt get the money. oh well. yup that was me, i used to do vocals in a death metal band so i can go horribly deep. glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The most disappointing part of House of Re-animator not getting made was not getting to see William H. Macy as the president. That’s just too perfect casting. (Just realize how odd it is making all these comments now, since I watched this video weeks ago, this being my second time watching it. :P)

  6. I want Re-Animator 4 to happen so badly now. Also your appreciation of Sepultura added to an already entertaining review. I wish you best of luck on TGWTG. I’d not seen your work until I saw this. Annoyed I was missing out on such fun stuff.

  7. When you mentioned your horror at the thought that people may be fapping to that scene with the horrible, horrible breast monster, I thought that was kinda funny.

    Why? Because that’s a real fetish. It’s called Breast Expansion, and it really does go that far sometimes (And sometimes that part’s coupled with what TVTropes would call Mind Rape). Of course, some of it’s less horrifying, but I’ve seen stuff just as bad, and sometimes even worse (I.E. The mind rape) than that scene.

    Also, shame on you for not giving Screaming Mad George due respect for his effects work on this film!

  8. I suppose since this video has been made, there is 3. Including Ghost Rider. Spider-man does not count, because he only gave his marriage to Mephisto….. I hate One More Day.

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  10. As a matter of fact mistress Hagan, I do find you sexy as does my husband. Would you like 2 more slaves/minions my dear?

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