Hagan Commentaries- 01 08 Condorman Review

Hagan and Nicola (Many Minions, Avatar of Decent Humour) do a commentary for the Condorman Review!



  1. Excellent and informative commentary, as always. The Condorman review was especially noteworthy for me because 1) it was my very first Hagan review that I saw, and 2) I watched the movie several times as a child. Yes, I was quite the masochistic kid growing up. Keep the commentaries coming!

    When I introduce the Hagan reviews to my friends, the Condorman review is usually the first one I show. It’s a good balance between snarky quips, skits and physical humour. Oh, and minion killing. Can’t forget that. lol.

    FYI, my favourite joke in the review was the “Neil, KNEEL BEFORE HAGAN!”.

    • thanks devin, i’m glad you fund it interesting. condormans a fun film, just… bit stupid heh. i watched it as a child too. the man from hong kong commentarys going up in a few days. the bosco/ land before time and resident evil reviews are hopefully gonna be done soon too (i wont be taking part because i think itd be interesting to see what the minions say about me heh)

      hop you find the upcoming vids as fun. in the next 2 weeks theres 2 specials, another urban gothic and a commentary.

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