Diamanda Hagan Plugs- The Films of Higuchinsky

Hagan Plugs the filmography of the greatest Japanese/ Ukranian film-maker of all time!



  1. It’s good you saw Uzumaki before reading the manga. As much as I liked the movie, the source matter is better though the final volume (it’s 3 volumes in the U.S., don’t know how it’s released in the UK) is the weakest because it abandons the short story format the first two had. (Basically in the first two volumes, each chapter could be presented as a stand alone short story, with all the stories having the same main characters, location, and some aspect of the story dealing with spirals.) The final has more of a story arc, though I don’t remember if anything is explained or not. It’s a shame a sequel to the film wasn’t made, since there are enough good chapters from the manga that weren’t used in the film to make another movie (or two). Especially the chapter “Mosquitoes”, which is, without hyping it up too much, truly an excellent piece of horror story telling.

    As for the other two movies, Long Dream is available to rent so I’ll have to check that one out but Tokyo 10 + 1 can’t be rented, but maybe that’s a good thing. 😛 I really love these plug videos. It’s always nice to find out about movies that don’t get enough attention.

    • iv since ordered the manga, it sounds interesting and regardless of what i said im looking forward to reading them. i did some readig on them on tvtropes and wiki and they sound interesting. long dreams based on another maga by ito, i think iv just worked out a pattern. higuchinsky adapts ito= good, higuchinsky does something original= bad.

      but yeah, lack of tokyo 10 plus 1 is mostly a good thing…

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