Flubs- Aftermath/ Thomas and the Magic Railroad Review

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Aftermath/ Thomas and the Magic Railroad Review.

Hagan Cameos- MgmS- Broken Social Scene Review

Steven James has some housework to do so he called in some friends to give the review for him.

We did a tiny bit of Biggles filming a few days ago…

and heres a demo image. add your own interpretation as to what you think is going on heh. Best one gets an imaginary Gold Star! (and yes thats a towel)

Biggles Demo

I was filming some cameo for stuff as we were in no shape to film a full review and slipped Aleisters cameo into the shoot (probly took up more than most of the cameo stuff to film). Look out for Hagan appearing in stuff by Marc Mues, Oancitizen (again. I think when I hit double digits in my Oan cameos I’ll deserve and Intro credit) and lastly for young Arthur Knowledge (who’s lovely and awesome)

Im currently editting the next Twatty Who, Writing Series 3 (nearly finished another script), have another Urban Gothic ready to record and about to upload the Aftermath/ Thomas Flubs… oh and mid week I hope to film another few commentaries and take notes for more s3 films if the Minions are happy with that.

Whoever said I dont do anything.. heh.. your silly. oh, and in the next few weeks (unless things fuck up royally) – look out for the Taint review with TheOmega! (and soon afterwards a commentary from me)

Urban Gothic Reviews S1 Ep4 Lacuna

If the Youtube link is blocked try HAGANTUBE!

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000. Series 1, Episode 4 ‘Lacuna’. Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5

Biggles Delayed (other tidbits)

As people who follow me on twitter on Facebook might know the Biggles shooting has been delayed because of things that cant be avoided. Hopefully shooting in 2 weeks. I have done and editted the voice overs so it wont a huge amount of time to get it finished wehn its shot, so theres that. Iv also got the raw footage for the first in a three part special set to bridge series 2 and 3 which will go up soon (i hope) after Biggles.

I’m using this time to write Series 3 and tomorrow I finish editting Urban Gothic ep 4 and then shortly after I’ll be doing the voice overs for the next Twatty Who Review- the first Classic Who one. Lastly for anyone who likes VtM I might be going to the Grand Masquerade in September.

Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Gayniggers from Outer Space

Yes. A film with this title actually exists.

Writing for Series 3 has Begun

Just a heads up to say iv begun scripting series 3s opener. And have already written the next Twatty Who and Urban Gothic annnnd Biggles films on Wed next week.

and heres a line from the series 3 opener ‘Necrophilic anal rape before the 5 minute mark. That’s impressive. If your not me.’