Hagan Commentaries- 02 01 The Man from Hong Kong Review

Hagan and Nicola (Many Minions, Avatar of Decent Humour) do a commentary for the Man from Hong Kong Review!



  1. dont go to adelaide if you go to Australia noting hapens excepted a few races and the fringe

    • if i get the chance to go itd probably be sydney or melbourne. for some reason i really want to go the funfair at st kilda. and of course i’ll try to find a copy of brian trenchard-smiths death cheaters which is damn near impossible to get outside of australia

      • st kildas funfair dose look cool i never been to Sydney it cost to much thses days go to birsbain its a neet city and theses 4 them parks in driving dissidence of the citty

        and dose this help in finding your film

        and thinkimng of flims have you seen the The Castle its some what depressthing to say that thats seen as one of Australian moves

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