Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Gayniggers from Outer Space

Yes. A film with this title actually exists.



  1. Wow, the review couldn’t be aired on RDA for risk of JustinTV kicking Nash out of the air.

    Now I am truly an admirer, you have more guts than most other reviewers out there m’am.

    PD: They aired Aftermath instead.

    • hehe yeah nash told me about that. so they linked to the review in the chat instead heh. thats either a new high or low.

      i dont think it took much in the way of guts to review the film. the title is horrific and gets it all the attention. the rest of it is really quite tame. i think someone who reviews and destroys beloved thing are probly more gutsy- confused matthew for instance

      but thanks tk, your kind words are appreciated. and the first review of series 3 has a nearly as contraversial title…

      • You mean “Schizophreniac The ***** *******”? 😛

  2. Wow. It seems everytime I think I’ve watched the oddest film ever, something else pops up. Though as you said, aside from the title it seems very tame and too silly to be really offensive.

    • oh you will enjoy series 3…. the weirdness does not end. heh

      • By a weird conincidence someone in work today mentioned this film- I made sure to tell them about your review.

      • thanks a lot. what did they have to say about the film?

  3. yup tk i mean schizophraniac the whore mangler.

  4. They said they saw it online and thought it was the worst film they’d seen

    • well thats very defininative heh. tell them to watch thor the conquorer….

  5. I was so disappointed we didn’t get to hear you say “gayniggers from outer space” without censorship. 😛 what does that say about me as a person? 😛

    • that your a douche?:p

      • I am white, from the south, was raised in a christian environment (though I’m an atheist now, I’m fact that’s probably why I’m a atheist :P) and Dick “go fuck yourself” Cheney is a relative. Damn I really am a douche. 😛

  6. WTF Death Company Hagan?

  7. They don’t have women, but are gay. If they don’t have women then they are a one gender species. If they are a one gender species then they are gay only in the sense that the sea slugs are. Gay implies choice, what these are is a monogenderal species. As such MEN should be as bizzare and shocking to them as women.

    Man I think about this stuff too hard.

  8. This. Film. Exists. Yes. Indeed. Wow. I’m really confused as to why a group of gay men see women as oppressors. And why is kissing new to them? Last I checked, all humans and even apes do that. Still, I’ll definitely check this movie out. I have to see what Naked Lunch looks like when made by Ed Wood.

  9. I just watched the movie…sublime…absolutely sublime…a classic.

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