Urban Gothic Reviews S1 Ep4 Lacuna

If the Youtube link is blocked try HAGANTUBE!

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000. Series 1, Episode 4 ‘Lacuna’. Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5



  1. Very funny Lacuna Coil gag (though good point, I think most people only remember that Cristina Scabbia is nice looking) Also didn’t realise that was the guy from Red Dwarf.

  2. Lacuna Coil joke, win!

    Although aren’t hellbound people supposed to go there right away, instead of hanging out at purgatory?

  3. please tell me the orderlies are named “sven” and “sven”

  4. Kinda reminds of that film “The Attic Expeditions”.
    People being tortured, things not making sense and some of the acting. lol

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