Twatty Classic Who Review- The Twin Dilemma


Like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time, THE TWIN DILEMMA



  1. Glad to see another Colin Baker fan and anti-Davies fan.

    (Yes, I just repeated the comment from the That Guy blogs. 🙂 )

  2. I’ve never seen an episode of Dr. Who and I just realized watching a show that showcases what are apparently the worst ones is probably not the best way to see if Dr. Who would be something I’d be interested in watching. 😛 But I will say, even though I wouldn’t know a good ep of dr. Who from a bad one I do really enjoy these videos. 🙂

    • heh, check out some good eps some time. im glad someone who doesnt know who finds fun in my nerdy, angry ramblings on the subject.

  3. Ddn’t know about Nicola Bryant trying out for Janeway- I’d have liked that- then again I think I’d have picked anyone over Mulgrew.

    I like Peri in the audios, but not too much in the TV stories, but I really like Nicola (if that makes sense.)

    • If your a straight male, that makes perfect sense 🙂

      As a bonus for me, Peri was an American (even if the actress wasn’t), so it was nice to see.

    • peri/ nicola are both awesome. iv met colin but not her 😦

  4. lol Reference to Kerberos Panzer Cops. Too bad I didn’t know, I coud have given you some clips where they are actually firing, so you woldn’t have to use a picture and sound effecs.

  5. Just got done watching all you Who stuff. Very funny. and hey now that you on that guy with the glasses (and they needed someone like you) somewhere down the line you could do a crossover with Nash.

  6. So when is your next Twatty Who Reviews….??
    I love them 😀

  7. Oh my god, I love your reviews!! Please put up the next one soon!!! Like, this week please!!! :3

    • hehe its written, wont be up this week though. ive a lot to do 😦

  8. I’m happy to find someone else who really likes Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. And though I whole-heartedly agree with you that Twin Dilemma is a bad serial, I find it a fun, watchable bad, as opposed to say “Last of the Time Lords”, which is “Where’s the corkscrew? I need to remove my eyes” bad.

  9. I miss Colin. In my opinion, for the most part, he suffered from the same problem as Tennant. Good actor, horrible direction and writing.

    Also, from the resent episode “A Good Man Goes To War”, I loved the “Captain Runaway” speech due to the fact that Matt Smith seemed to start channelling Colin Baker halfway through.

  10. I had to bookmark this site, its awesome!

  11. Once again, my dear Hagan, you may have +1. No, make it +6.

    Although it has to be said, this right here was an easy target. Still, start with the low-hanging (and funnier) fruit, and work your way up to more difficult targets, eh?

    I completely hope that you enjoy yourself enough with these to eventually work your way through the entire show’s history. Or at least… at least a 100-episode milestone.
    Because really, there have to be a hundred Dr Who stories worthy of at least a little bit of a kicking.

    Stay awesome, Diamanda Hagan… CHANNEL Awesoh no wait this is your own site isn’t it.

    Incidentally: which site gives you the better revenue? Here on your own site, or over at TGWTG or Reviewtopia? That will determine where I prefer to watch or re-watch your various instalments.

    • Actually I chose Twin Dilemma because Colins one of my fave doctors. I wanted to show I could be nasty to one I liked too. I suppose it helps that its so infamously bad though. All the sites give the same revenue so watch where you feel like it. Thanks for watching!

  12. I guess I am doing something wrong. I got an email informing me that you commented on my comment… yet no amount of subscribing or okaying will let me see what that comment is.

    Meh, technical problems. It’s what the internet is for!

  13. Excuse me, what was the name of that low budget film with alot of who actors ?

    • There’s a few but the most famous is The Airzone Solution. Nash and Phelous reviewed it together.

  14. We need more of these Classic based Twatty Who episodes, I love trashing on the new series, but this episode adds variety and makes this most enjoyable

  15. I don’t think I ever asked this before, but does anybody know what episodes the clips in the beginning sequence are from? I’m particularly curious about the one where the woman is fighting with the big caterpillar monster made out of green felt or whatever

    • Sound of Drums.
      The Sea Devils.
      School Reunion.
      Warriors from the Deep. (Caterpillar monster!)
      Tomb of the Cybermen.
      The Curse of Fenric.
      Vampires of Venice.
      The Deadly Assassin.
      The TV Movie.
      The Time Meddler.
      The Runaway Bride.
      The Curse of Fenric.

      Thereya go 🙂

      • Thank you, I appreciate the help! As much as I enjoy the classic series as a serious work of science fiction, I love the episodes that are bad in the “campy comedic Ed Wood special effects” kind of way, rather than the “oh God it’s so dull and stupid and poorly written I’m having a brain hemorrhage” kind of way.

  16. >> We need more of these Classic based Twatty Who episodes,
    Underworld anyone?

    • Iv promised I’ll do one for The Underwater Menace if it ever gets released on DVD. The reason Iv not done much more is because I find myself repeating and or glossing over a lot. The stories extra runtime just makes the Twatty Who’s harder. Iv a bunch of 2 parters planned for Twatty New Who reviews but the resulting vids are just sooo long. Took me an insane amount of time to do The End of Time. When Im finished the Quick Guides I will do another few Twatty Whos though, hopefully A Good Man Goes to War or The Quadrilogy of the Doctor.

  17. I’m pretty sure the reason the Doctor only barely passed his exams was because he wasn’t really trying, his disdain for Gallifrey was set in pretty early. Also while he’s not necessarily smarter than other Time Lords he’s a hell of a lot more imaginative. The first four episodes of The Invasion of Time were dedicated to him running rings around the other Time Lords by doing things most of them couldn’t conceive. Like barging in and demanding the presidency, destroying the transduction barriers and laughing manically. (Okay, the Master might have thought of that last one first). So I buy the assertion that he might be able to out do Azmael on the technical front.

    Also, Colin! Hurray! And while I also love Peri (and Nicola Bryant) I still maintain that Sixie’s best companion was Evelyn. In fact they might be my favourite Doctor/Companion pairing matched only by Two and Jamie’s epic b/romance.

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