The Biggles Review (Nearly Didnt Happen)

A short behind the scenes video showing how the Biggles Review (currently in editing) nearly didn’t happen.

The reason this isn’t in the eventual Flubs video is because it’d make the Flubs too long.


  1. Put tape on the broken one to tell it apart! Or string, but tape is better.

    Also: I had a dream, and you were there. Not much happened, but I believe it was you out of character but in paint. I mentioned it bothered me to have an unexpected screamer of a baby born with harlequin ichthyosis in a review, and the dream sort of puttered out there.

    Sorry. If it had been in-character Hagan I’m sure it would have been more interesting.

  2. Havent had a chance to check the site in a while, Sorry to hear about the tripod. 😦
    How much did the new one set ya back?

    • Havent bought a new one yet as I seem to have made it broken though still usable. Heh.

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