Diamanda Hagan Review- 02 08 Biggles Adventures in Time review

Classic British Character Biggles finally plays second fiddle in a movie that has very little to do with him or his books!



  1. They so do say why the time travel is happening. I don’t remember exactly but what is happening is that Biggles and Ferguson are linked and when Biggles is in trouble Ferguson time travels to save/help him. And towards the end of the movie it is shown that the process works the other way with Biggles coming foward to save Ferguson.

    • Oh and also very good review. I loved this movie as a kid. It’s kind of a cult classic here in the states.

    • Well peter cushing tells ferguson that he’s biggles ‘time twin’ and thats as much explanation as we get heh, unless i missed somehting and now feel like a prat lol

      • That’s about it. 😀 I guess for me that was enough explanation. Hmmmm maybe I to am a Vatican Assassin Warlock like Charlie Sheen. ROFLMAO.
        Didn’t mean to make you feel like a prat. That was never my intention. It’s all good. Cheers.

      • Time twins? Is that explained what that means. It reminds me of the Cosmic twins in The Discovery of Heaven. Now that I think of it Oancitizen does resemble Stephen Fry.

  2. Might have had some delays, but it was well worth the wait 🙂 This is prob my fav Hagan ep yet.

    I would have loved Biggles as a kid, too silly for me nowdays but as a kid i would have liked it.

    Also, now I understand the Blackadder season 4 chapter “Private Plane” better hehe, they were making biggles references.

    I suppose they are in the last year of the war, rather than one year before the end of the war, because the german MP-18 depicted in the film was not developed until 1918 to be used by stosstruppen (assault troops or storm troopers). What? Too much display of military history? Now you know why I would had liked this film as a kid!

    • That or it is a kids movie so they probably figured they didn’t have to be to accurate. LOL

      • Yeah, I said that just to point out that I’m a military history nut and that’s why I would had liked the movie so much. Hehe.

  3. Very funny- although I was amused early on as my boss is called Jim Ferguson, so I got the mental image of him being in this movie. And I guess lightning really can do everything.

    I guessed the avatar of decent humour was the one that ordered the attack on the compound, but I can safely say I didn’t see the rest of that ending coming. But boy did it kill me with laughter.

  4. This was well worth the wait! Especially loved the Freaked reference. And I forgot how we atheist like to hunt down gods and gun them down for the sake of the world. 😛 Great video!

  5. Tower bridge? Nonsense! Everyone knows that Peter Cushing lives in Wickstable.

    • Whitstable

  6. Was that Lord Humongous flying the Biplane in that last attack? Also, great use of Accept.

  7. actually there is a lift in tower bridge. and a very bad animatronics show.

    the view is nice at the top but as tourist spots go it leaves a lot to be desired.

    bit like london dungeon which is the closet you can get to profestional larping.

    plus i’m fairly certain that must be chislehurst caves

    whjich if i’m right was also the location for some of the doctor who mivie that stared yer man cushing as the doctor

    • Oh, cool. I didnt know that. Tower bridge is one of the places iv not been to in london yet.

      • frankly it’s better from the outside. plus last time i went it was ridiculously expensive for what you got. mind you that was nearly 10 years ago.

        (suddenly feels old)

  8. Peter Cushing talked about “Time Twins”.

  9. Flash Gordon belongs to the British now…

  10. What the fuck was that German shouting when asked to tell the others not to move? It sure as hell wasn’t German.

  11. So the whole time twins thing works that one goes back in time when the other is in mortal danger. Which still does not explain why that Ferguson and Biggles are connected. Sure Back to the Future came out a year previous, but they could explain their terms. I did look that up on wikipedia.

  12. Whats the film with the airplane landing in london joke? I must watch it.

  13. The fat guy at the TV dinner company is William Hootkins, Porkins from Star Wars. When it comes to character actors he’s one of the “top men.”

  14. You’re pretty awesome, BUT YOU ARE NOT KAI. You are Hagan…that is better

  15. I believe that nobody went to the media when he was seen appearing via lightning bold because people in 1917 had already become horribly jaded with fake news stories about angels and medieval bowmen at Mons and Germans eating Belgian babies on pancakes.

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