Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Freaks

Hagan is Dead. But before she can come back to life she has some 1930’s Exploitation to Review!

Freaks seems to be Public Domain.



  1. Oan’s performance as Hagan was really impressive, though it’s just not the same without the real Hagan. Have to give props for a really creative, interesting idea with the going into people’s bodies thing. Like I said last night, Jason Goes to Hell is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of that (considering the quality of that film, I wonder if that’s a good or bad thing :P). I’m surprised no one’s thought of it before.

    Here’s a random thought, maybe you should go “George Lucas” on these 30s exploitation reviews and re-film them down the line with you playing Hagan, replacing the other reviewer. (I kid, I kid) 😛

    • Oan did very good, sorry you missed the ‘real mccoy’but be patient, I’ll be back heh. And not just in s3….

      I like the idea to do special editions with me doing it all, that might be an idea for later on. been a lot of work for a gag though.

      • Aww, thanks for liking my idea, really just meant it as a joke but if you really did it, thatd be awesome. It would be a good idea for an april fools joke or something. Now I have this image of you doing a “Hagan didn’t shoot first” gag where instead of you just shooting a minion without warning/reason one pulls a gun out and shot at you first to make it so Hagan didn’t shoot first. 😛

  2. Yay, Quantum Leap- I loved that show as a kid. Oancitizen does a pretty good Hagan impression.

    • yeah he does 🙂

      and the ‘intro’ was originally going to be in the biggles review, but about ferguson going back in time to save biggles and his guide being peter cushing. Lupa even did the voice over, but I cut it at the last second because I figured that it’d be better as the intro for the specials.

  3. I loved Quantum Leap when I was a kid and wanted to watch it again but forgot the name of this show! Thank you for reminding me it!!!^_^
    (Ha, on wikipedia is written that in polish title was translated as “Zagubiony w czasie” (“Lost in time”))
    Btw – I have read that in 30’s in the day of premiere women were fainting, some people screaming and running away. Because of that this movie was banned for some period of time and even censored, that finding the original uncutted version was almost impossible. It made me curious so I watchet about two years ago. Ending is very good, rest of the movie quite boring to me. But from what I have read people were scared because seeing the real “freaks” was terrifying for them. It weren’t people in costumes (like in rest of the horrors by that time, for example “Dracula” with Lugosi (Oh, could you do a review of that? I know it’s a classic, but for me it was a very funny movie^^”’), some decorations etc., but real deformed people. That is why I think there were this scenes from “freaks” life – for the audience it was frightful. And for us? Meh, I have seen much more weirder things
    *I’m sorry for grammar mistakes

    • I’v no plans to do dracula but I am doing 2 more 30’s movies before s3 begins. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting:)

      Glad to remind you about quantum leap!

  4. This is glorious. I have no better comment to make than that. I’ll just have to rewatch the video. Again.

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