Urban Gothic Reviews S1 Ep7 The one Where

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 7 ‘The one Where’. Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5 .



  1. The word “twat” is used so much the episode might as well be called “the one where everybody’s a twat”. 😛

    Productive Hagan is productive. This is like the sixth video you’ve released in the past week. Here I was thinking death was suppose to slow people down. 😛

    • Just thought of something, maybe the show was implying Lucien was the devil, since his name is so close to Lucifer? If so, kinda a lame, cliche twist.

      • I know several people seem to get the impression he’s the devil.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. With this kind of work rate, you’re gonna end up killing yourse–… wait. Insta-death spell on the undead equals casting revive… Ooooh, you clever bugger, you!

  3. Well Robert Webb died, that was a positive I guess. Like yourself I find it hard to comment on this one as I just hated all the characters- I was annoyed at the cheap stunt of having a baby being put in harm’s way just to show how evil Lucien was.

  4. Hey the artist guy is definately robert webb because i couldn’t see an entry for it on his imdb page

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