Teddy Reviews!- Episode 6 (Something Naughty)

Teddy is the now the Mistress and what does being The Mistress entail? Reviewing of course! This episode, Something Naughty!


  1. Yay, real Mistress has come back!
    Green hair really suits you^^v.
    I haven’t noticed it earlier but you have a very nice profile, I like your noseXD

  2. Love the green hair (green is my favorite color, btw). Really fits the character, gives Hagan a female Joker fell. The green really gels with the makeup. It’ll be great having you back. 🙂

    • And i guessed right about the new hair being green. 😛 blue was my second guess but that’d be too much like MarzGurl’s old look. 😛 do you ever have “normal” hair? 😛

      • And teddy’s reaction to bible black was great. bible black is fucked up and weird enough that even a non-anime fan like you can’t resist its fucked up charm. 😛 (I’d actually like to see a Bonekickers style review of bible black from you. That’d be awesome. :))

  3. This was just perfect. A suggestion that things are slipping out of Teddy’s shaky control just before his demise and all the fucked-up filth gloriously streaming back, celebrating the return of its queen.

    • Im glad you liked Creature 🙂 Like Hagan said- Teddy would not live to regret what he did.. heh

  4. ThatDouche,

    Glad you like the green hair, the joker connection I didnt realise until after I had it done but yeah, its pretty lol-worthy! I nearly went with blue but I have the blue wig I like to wear once a series so its a little pointless to have blue hair too heh. Do I ever have regular hair? I had blonde in series 1:p

    Heheh, to be honest thats all I’v seen from Bibleblack. Teddy was the boss of the Teddy reviews and their his baby. Id like to see him do a Bonekickers Bibleblack review though… FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

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