Hagan Commentaries- The Terror of Tiny Town

Hagan alone shares her meandering thoughts about the Terror of Tiny Town Review



  1. Out of curiosity what’s the other western you like besides the Coen Bros’ True Grit remake?

    • i dunno, i so dislike the genre and i cant think of any:p unless near dark and vampires count:p

      • I agree, but it would help if there was a rather nice native American movie that is NOT in the perspective of a white dude.
        Not that i am against white dudes, it’s just… Native Americans, man!

        Also, I rather liked that long leaping scene.

  2. I wonder if something like a short leap (since you weren’t actually leaving) would have worked better, but overall I enjoyed all the Leaping reviews. I know I couldn’t have done it because I wouldn’t want to wear the make-up, if only because I’d have to explain to anyone who saw me in it. 🙂

    • you woulda preffered shorter reviews? thats fair enough, though these are still pretty short for reviews by me heh.

      yeah explaining the makeup can be problomatic. one person thought me and the minions were a cult til they saw the camera:p

      • Not shorter reviews, just the leaping sequences when you and Cin switched back and forth, saving the full leap for when you arrive and leave.

  3. ahhh i tried to do that but couldnt make it work. it came out as well as it coul really. far from perfect.

  4. In the context of the movie, a vampire or vamp is a girl that will take everything from you. The general implication is that you don’t really mind because she’s just that hot. It was a compliment in the same wavelength as nice rack: vulgar as all holy hell. apologize as I’m sure someone has already told you this.

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