Hagan Commentaries- The Taint Co-Review

Hagan alone shares her meandering thoughts about the Taint co-review!



  1. Very interesting commentary, as always! Well, not quite as always… You seem to be getting more comfortable with doing these solo, so it’s actually better.

    I will have to make note to put anything subtle I catch into my comment. But knowing me, I will have forgotten what I caught by the time I start typing.

    While I’m being honest, I gotta say that I probably won’t buy a copy of “The Taint”. With local media regulations being what they are, I’m genuinely afraid that I might get arrested (or worse: heavily fined) for it.

    • awww wish you did. its worth it heh. i think part of why this was more interesting was that i was able to talk about more, qith the others i wrote and editted them only so i couldnt tell much about the filming. or maybe i was in a better headspace or something. anyway, glad you found it interesting

  2. Ahhh! I’m mentioned by name! And not even my username, my real name! That surprised me! 😛 *squeeeee* (I’m not complaining just surprised!)

    There is an “Ultra HD” downloadable version of the Taint available on their website. What the different between that and the regular HD version I do not know. Also the soundtrack is a digital download, not a CD so maybe that’s why it didn’t ship. 😛

    Also for people who live outside the United States, there is a way to get the Taint. The site offers digital dowloadable versions of the film, SD, HD and Ultra HD versions. So there really is no reason people can’t get this movie.

  3. Good use of Dead Can Dance by the way ^^

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