Diamanda Hagan Reviews- 03 02 Confessions of a Trickbaby

Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby… a Prison break, a Satyr and projectile vomitting. Oh my! (And More).



  1. I know I mentioned this on twitter already but really enjoyed this review. Unsure what my favourite gag was: the caligula reference, the hallelujah chorus at the sapphic scene or the brows held high tribute/parody. I will say that while it is an unusual way of updating the story it looks like an interesting film nevertheless.

  2. Great video Hagan! 🙂

  3. the connection was as the first was a modern retelling of “Little Red Ridding Hood”
    this was a retelling of Hansel and Gretel

    • yeah I know. Also there was a character called Flacco in Freeway 1 and the drifter in the train was in it too (same actor and maybe the same character)

  4. Like always great review!^^ I really liked the brows held high parody. Maybe when I will have some free time I will look for this movie to watch it.

    And I have found finally polish movie which was famous enough to be dubbed – “The Hexer” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0300657/
    based of the very famous series of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski “The Witcher” (“Wiedzmin).
    The books were so popular that there came based on it comics books, rpg, and computer games (maybe you have heard about it, it was a big hit around the world, even in America). When the books “The Witcher” are great, I recommend them, the movie is….well, telling “awful” is just an euphenism. Fans wants to find creators of this abomination and kill them with fire.

  5. Hey Diamanda loved this review I remember seeing this movie and thinking it was just greattttt, one hell of a wild movie and they picked two good looking women for the lead roles ! Also if you like this movie you may also like Dance with the devil where rosie perez does several sex scenes with Javier Bardem also with Tony Soprano himself as the lead detective. Again Great review for one hell of a wild movie !!

    • Iv never see dance with the devil but i’ll go looking for it, im glad you liked it Owen! 🙂

  6. Somebody really needs to make Pimp Lawyer now.

  7. Loved the review Mistress Hagan. I saw the original Freeway at my friends house on HBO when I was like 13 and loved it. Then I watched Trick Baby and just totally forgot about it . I gotta wach it again, thanks for refreshing my memory. There were a couple parts in your video that I really liked. The Choda Boy clip from Orgazmo was priceless and The Friday the 13th music while your minions were serial killin behind you just worked out really well. Can’t wait for more reviews, You rock!!!

  8. I started watching your videos recently, and have been really enjoying them. I also started sharing them with friends who are also enjoying them. I’ve also enjoyed the clips you show in them. (my friend Ian and I are determined to watch Zsa Zsa Zaturnah after seeing the clip in one of your review. We both had the ‘what is this and why haven’t we seen it yet’ reaction to it.

    I’m mostly commenting about the Californian thing however. I’m Californian myself, and while everyone thinks of the the cities with California a large portion of the state is actually farmland. I come from a family which often took driving vacations instead of plane vacations so I have pretty much driven throughout the state. While the population outside the cities is lower, there are plenty of rural areas. In fact the shots in question could very well have come from within the state. People tend to not think about the fact that California covers a large area and as a result has everything from a desert to snowy mountains.

    • Your totally right, one of my fave movies is set on the mountains that are on the California-Nevada bmountains and it was plenty cold.

      But the movie was filmed in Canada so I think I get half a point:p

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