Urban Gothic Reviews- Episode 9 Be Movie

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 9 ‘Be Movie’. Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5.


  1. Yeah, this episode is pretty stupid but as you say, there is something oddly enjoyable about it

  2. I was given a real katana as a gift a few years back but I’d totally trade it in for a electro one. And is it wrong I’d like to see a movie with the plot of this episode? 😛 Sure it’d be stupid but enjoyably stupid. This was definitely one of the better, more funny Urban Gothic reviews.

  3. Play-by-play comment written as I watch:

    Ooooh, that episode is off to a great start. Vilify your target audience, Urban Gothic. Vilify and belittle it like you know you want to!

    Ah, this apparently takes place in the part of horrorland where everyone is selectively blind and deaf.

    Ohh, this attempts to be Scream and ends up being Lady in the Lake. Shot on video. Thank you for this – aptly enough – evisceration of it trying to be knowledgable and smart about horror, courtesy of a Hagan who actually IS. (And seriously, those writers work in that very business. Shouldn’t they know better? or at least pretend to care?)
    I also like your metacomment about the police once again gutting their metatext. (I kind of feel pretentious writing that, though.)

    Again, great examination of the flaws of their premise. Not that they had made it particularly hard, but still, well done.

    I as bizzarely fun as the not-sex scene was, I kind of fear that the “he turns gay” thing was supposed to be part of the “horror”.

    Gotta say, the nailgun thing is classic slasher material.

    I can say with a tiny bit of pride that I noticed the same problems as you with the tape scene (and some of them earlier than that). But again… pretty damn obvious.

    Warhammer 40k reference? Is there a realm of nerdery (is that even the right word?) that you have not travelled? Also, this school seems to specialize in combat equipment. Maybe their topic should have been Ninjas instead of horror.

    I object to your assessment of possibility in the stabbing. I mean, come on, energy source? Okay, you covered that. It’s just one of my favorite things to nitpick. In any case, I like your slight breakdowny tone there!

    I do get the appeal of the episode, I think. It’s so utterly random and logic-deprived that one really wants to see where it goes next, for the hell of it.

    In conclusion – Excellent review again. I feel fully filled-in on the subject matter while being more entertained than I would’ve been watching the actual thing.

  4. Sorry to be off topic, but what is Quatermass?? You mentioned it in one of your Doctor Who reviews, and I’ve heard of it vaguely before.

    • Hi, Happy to help. Quartermass (pronounced Quatermass) is a very old school, British set of horror/ thriller/ sci-fi stories done over the years on TV and film. The same guy never played the character twice and sometimes they were remakes of each other. They were written by Nigel Kneale and were a big influence on John Carpenter, Dan O’Bannon and Jon Pertwee and on Doctor Who. The latest Quartermass adaption featured David Tennant as one of the leads.

      heres a wiki page with more! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Quatermass

  5. What are your thoughts on the BBC’s former junking policy and the effect it had on classic Doctor Who? (Here’s hoping that every single lost serial can get the same treatment as The Invasion did!!I)

    • oh when i think about that (and the junking of other shows like adam adamant) the words that come to mind are ‘fucking’ ‘shortsighted’ ‘cunts’ and possibly sometimes ‘they deserve to be drowned in their own shit’

      • And to top all their damage off, we’re no longer watching Doctor Who, no, we’re watching Doctor Who BBC! The logo of BBC is actually part of the title, which shows one hell of an ego!

  6. Well it was easy to explain the VHS showing whats happening. Havent you heard of this new thing called “Instant Cassette”.
    You get the film before its finished being made. Its great. I have the new Hagan VHS next to my “Spaceballs the flamethrower”.

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