2001 A Space Nyan

Ever wonder what you would see if you were trapped in the rainbow behind the Nyan Cat? Now you know.


  1. What are your thoughts on the new series of Doctor Who, discounting the two terrible Matthew Graham episodes? (As for Matthew Graham, in DW Confidential, he looks like a hobo!! It is troubling to watch special features for things like this though, because it makes them really hard to hate, that’s why I like the Police Academy series a lot more than I should!)

    • This series is the strongest in new who so far. Even Matthew Grahem has done the best work iv ever seen from him. admittedly their still not great but they were much better than I expected.

      • Just saw the latest episode and…this series really is the strongest so far!! Not only does it feel like a completely different show than the Russel T Davies Doctor Who, not only is Matt Smith a great Doctor, but the show really seems to have become a serial show-albeit loosely-and the kind of serial show that Doctor Who was all the way back in the Hartnell era!!!

        Although, as good as the Matt Smith Who is-so good that I count it as in official continuity with the classic series-Doctor Who ended for me here, with this!!

  2. And the episode mentioned looming!! as opposed the, ‘he’s the doctor, he’s got two hearts but apart from that he’s just like us’ spiel from RTD.

  3. O_O
    I wish Kubrick was alive to see this. 😛

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