Diamanda Hagan Reviews- 03 03 Starrbooty

The finest piece of blaxploitation, drag comedy Hagan has ever seen! Starrbooty is owned by RuCo Pictures.


  1. Loved the little “internet reviewer intro” thing. love it when reviewers can show they have a sense of humor about themselves and don’t take what they do too seriously. 😛

    i thought RuPaul already did discover cold fusion. 😛

    lol at the “dammmn”s, “that’s my reaction to cock”, “opera about pussy” and “pumping him for imormation” lines. 😛

    liked the minion having to knock her own teeth out to kill her self part. that and Hagan having to fix her music whiplash were equally funny and disturbing. 😛

    i may not be hetero but i am disappointed in the lack of footage of cock sucking. 😛

    i want the “girl you got she mail” thing for my email. that was awesome.

    you licking a gun was way sexier than the villian of this film licking one. 😛

    that fact clit looked like a piece of raw chicken. ewwwww.

    there needs to be more glam fu movies. 😛

    and teddy’s back?! but what if he betrays you again? 😛

    overall, another good and funny video hagan. 🙂

  2. Oof, I have to collect myself here… I’ve seen shemale porn that wasn’t as sexually confusing as the movie bits in this review.

    Also confusing as far as metatext is concerned.

    I love the “Drag: Men wearing…” quote. I might have to steal it for occasional use. Or is that out of bounds?

    I do like the enthusiam with which the minions commit suicide. Now there’s well-trained work. Apart from their actual jobs. But hey.

    This review really has great asides in general. The musical whiplash, between the sound effect and the acting, was perfect.

    Back to the movie – That’s the biggest clitoris I’ve ever seen since that Chyna sex tape was released. (I don’t know why I watched that) ((I also don’t know why I said that)). (((I don’t know what I’m doing anymore))) ((((Someone help me, please!))))

    Damn, death by floating car. Tragic.

    I still haven’t collected myself.

  3. What are your thoughts on Christopher Eccleston’s doctor? And what are your thoughts on the first series of new who?

  4. Fuck you Hagan! Everyone knows that the Blue Raspberry slushie is by far the best slushie in the universe. 🙂
    Great review as always.

  5. You are exactly what TGWTG needs! All these “good guy” reviewers bouncing off each other’s storylines like nerf footballs in a pop-a-matic! They desperately need someone with malicious hard edges and spiky bits…several someones would be nice, but you are definitely a good change! Welcome!

  6. Well this review seals it. I will never be able to play VTM without thinking of Hagan every time I go to the last round.

  7. And having heard some of the audio I now know you own it. Hagan, you owe the world a Hebrew Hammer review.

  8. Okay, I just had to take a time out to literally LOL at this line: “…so chances are he’ll show up in an a Oan Citizen review someday.” I am howling at that one. Wow…you’ve made my day and it’s only 7:20-something a.m. here…I’m impressed 😀

  9. What was the song that played when the daughter found out who here mother was?

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