Urban Gothic Reviews S1 Ep 10 Pineapple Chunks

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 10 ‘Pineapple Chunks’ ; Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5.


  1. That guy does look like Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances. Which is awesome because Onslow is awesome.

    I’m assuming the British National Party is your version of Republican Party. Or are they worse? 😛

    And yes, this totally needs a movie. So those that make what, only two or three eps of the show you actually like so far. 😛

    • the bnp are a fascist party. built on xenophobia, racism and homophobia. buncha fuckwits.

      next episode is another one i like 🙂

      • so they’re exactly like the republican party. 😛

  2. I have to give the show credit for coming up with characters that haven’t exactly been seen before. And then I substract that credit because those have been created via randomizer.

    Bra-over-shirt tackle. They get the credit back.

    I like that “Time to think” screen. Most would have gone with some Jeopardy mutation.

    Okay, I really would have loved to read the directorial notes for these performances.

    8:25: Phelous quote. You know which one. You resisted it. Strong will!

    Ah, excellent. “They Live”. Should not be resisted. I didn’t expect the villagers to turn into Delvians, though.

    Fun Review once again!

  3. “Are they nazis?”
    “Worse- they’re suburbanites” – that’s one of my favourite exchanges of dialogue ever. This episode is just a lot of fun and one of the best of the series. I eagerly await the next review as it’s another favourite episode of mine.

  4. Oh, meant to add- I read some rumour about channel 5 reviving the show- but dunno if it’s true or not

  5. The non-alien (to begin with) dad looks really familiar for some reason.

  6. Everything is better with Jeffrey Combs…8D

  7. fuck Vampireology this is the best episode in the series 😀

  8. I remember seeing this ages and ages ago. Its Kinda weird but looking back on it, but the parents do remind me alittle of the parents from the film “mum & dad” (dont ask).
    A string vest would of suited the dad better thou.

    Good eye for the nipple stroking. I missed that when I watched this episode. LOL

  9. That girl is totally channeling Ace from Doctor Who.

    I greatly approve.

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