An Announcement (Hitlers not Pleased)

Yes, Im on TGWTG. Its a trial, 3 videos. To get signed up proper I’m going to need to get good comments. So if you’d like to see my stuff on there please comment and leave a nice comment (if you don’t then leave a nasty one) First video, Faust is going up on the 15th or 16th. Others… we’ll see…


  1. Excellent news about you joining TGWTG, even though it is probationary. My wife and I have been wondering when/if you would ever be asked to join, as your reviews are very, very funny.

    With all due respect, while Faust is a solid enough review, I’m not sure if it would be a good enough review to leave a first impression as a representation of your reviewing style as a whole. Myself, I would pick titles that are a little more… controversial. Left Behind, Raspberry Reich, Ilsa or Schizophreniac the Whore Mangler are both extremely funny and rather controversial movies, and in my humble opinion would give new viewers a solid impression of your reviewing. And reviewing any sort of more risque movies ALWAYS generates publicity and exposure. Anyways, that’s my humble suggestion, take it as you will. Either way, I wish you luck with this. Hopefully you will get added as a permanent member to TGWTG.

    You also get extra points for your self-depreciating humour in this hitler parody video. Nice work.

    • Thanks for the congrats πŸ™‚ Iv known since January but been keeping it mostly quiet because it hadnt happened and i didnt want to jinx it.

      the choice of faust was because i decided the first should be a, good. b, hd and c, not have story elements. i felt faust was the best mix of those three. but i could be proved wrong. the hope is ill be starting my regular reviews with black gestapo and on. and then have older ones under hagan classics or something.

      I originally wanted to start with schizophreniac but it needed story bits to make 100% sense. so i couldnt. faust was the best overall for the job of bnot scaring away new viewers. but they will see my more interesting’ stuff soonish;)

      • Well, that is true. Having a story arc in the background can confuse new viewers… or make them more interested. Short of Hagan dying at the end of an episode, I think a background story going on will make viewers more curious about what’s going on in Hagan’s corner of the world.

        For example, if I was a first time viewer, I would be both confused and intrigued why the police were sieging Hagan’s compound in Raspberry Reich.

  2. Faust is one of my favorite and a good start I think. I’m so excited and nervous for you! Best of luck! You’ll do great! Probably sound like a broken, considering how many times I’ve told you this. πŸ˜› ALL HAIL HAGAN! ALL HAIL HAGAN! ALL HAIL HAGAN!

    • And I forgot to comment on the actually video. πŸ˜› Very funny self-depreciating humor. πŸ˜› At least you can laugh at yourself, which is a sign of good character, or at the very least the sign of not being a twat. πŸ˜› And I’m assuming I’m one of those two fans who don’t work on the show. πŸ˜› Though I can’t wait to see how BS response to that reference. πŸ˜›

  3. Please, go die in a plasma fire, your jokes aren’t funny, your persona is a wacky Joker rip-off and you need to seriously leave alone, they have enough half-assed stuff on their site already.


    Well, anyway, carry on.

    • 1, sorry but iv no intentions to die in a plasma fire. if i decde to die i’ll make sure i choose another way just to annoy you.

      2, you dont like my choice of persona, thats cool.

      3, leave tgwtg alone? you make it sound like im molesting them. their old enough and theres consent so no, sorry. i wont stay away.

      4, i dont review metal bands. yeh i took the piss out of post-max sepultura but i ddnt realise that was terrible…

      5, could i have done better than the 1 joke about all your base? maybe. but i like that joke.

      6, if you want to keep the critisism, then please do. its interesting. last thin i want is to get a crazy ego

  4. Congratulations!
    I’m so happy for you!:)
    I just knew that this day will come!XD
    “Faust (…)” is a great review, I think there will be a lot people who will like it. From what I see most of watchers is praising you.
    About Hitler video – Good that you have distance to yourself, it’s a characteristic of intelligent people;)
    But why you’re on a test like that? If I remember correctly, other new members didn’t had that kind of “trial”.

  5. Congratulations! No-one deserves it more than you right now, if you ask me.
    Now, you might not quite fit into the usual mold of the reviewers there in some ways, but that’s exactly why they should have you there… To add some color. Literally (Green and red), even.

    I’ll make damn sure to leave positive comments, as I am already inclined to do.

  6. Addendum: Upon having a look at the reactions already, I’m simultaneously disappointed and amused by people. I guess it was to be expected that your style and persona would be polarizing, but I didn’t expect people to be so “eeek, different! Fear and loathing!” on a goddamn nerd site. And what’s with the ones who claim not to understand you? English isn’t even my first language and I understand you fine.

  7. I wish you all the very best of luck with this, I’ve said for a long time you’re one of muy favourite reviewers, and I hope this goes well for you.

  8. LOL Okay, anyone who has the guts and sense of humor to make fun of themselves like that deserves a second look. I’ll be honest, I turned off your Faust review after about 5 minutes but after giving into curiousity and looking you up on TV Tropes I think I may have been too hasty. Don’t know if you’ll end up being my cup of tea, but regardless, you got style.

    Good luck in your future on TGWTG, and don’t let the trolls get to you.

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