Urban Gothic Reviews S1 Ep 11 The Boys Club

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 11 ‘The Boys Club’ ; Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5.


  1. This was an episode that grew on me big time- I love the “I’m not a poof, I’m a homosexual” moment and Leslie Grantham gives a terrific performance too.

    • Im glad im not the only fan!

      pity the last 2…. well…. arent as good. did you get s2 as well?

      • I got both series in a four disc set- my favourite episode in series two is necromance- I must thank you again for bringing this fun show to my attention.

  2. So you’re half way through the series and none of the 11 episodes left are good? poor urban gothic with it’s three good episodes. 😛

    • nonono series 2 has some good ones!

      • oh you’re only talking about this series and not the 2nd series when you say this is the last good one. okay, my misunderstanding. :/ :p

  3. It’s rather interesting to hear you critiquing something you genuinely liked, because there is that (almost uncharacteristic) joy vibrating through your voice.

  4. Funny you said this is the “shining” of Urban Gothic, the part in the bar with the bartender and the empty place reminded me a lot of Kubrick’s “The Shining” ball room scene when Jack goes to the ball room for the first time and find Lloyd serving the drinks.

  5. The video is broken

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