Behind the Scenes Video 1- The Set-up

Behind the Scenes of the Starrbooty Review!


  1. Ow, behind the scenes videos. Does this mean we’ll finally see how Hagan becomes Hagan, as in how you put your makeup on. :p Or is that something that will always remain a mystery. 😛

    Lecher Bitch made sense to play over this but I can’t help but feel the music from that really fast threesome scene from A Clockwork Orgy would have be more appropriate. 😛

  2. I will never get used to the sight of you… smiling. At least not in that makeup. It’s just wrong! More seriously, though, it’s great to see some behind-the-scenes stuff. It makes me appreciate the magic of the final product even more.

  3. I didn’t know you have to move your furniture around for the show. I thought you just used a convenient wall of a room.

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