Confessions of a Trickbaby Review on TGWTG

If you want to see more Hagan on TGWTG then please rate and leave a nice comment. If youd rather see me die in a plasma fire please rate and leave a nasty comment.


  1. just realized you could have brought the dykons joke back from the turkey shoot review in this video. :p

  2. I’m doing exactly what you said on the actual site, but note that I really don’t dislike you as a person. You seem nice. I hate your character. I’ve known people in real life who are like her, and they are all self-important douchebags who think the world (and, specifically, religion) are getting them down.

    And I have never really liked the concept of making fun of the underworld and all that stuff. Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but, in making fun of it, you have to pull up too much of what makes it ridiculous in the first place. It becomes as bad as the joke, with all it’s creepiness. It’s okay in small doses, but you seem to pour it on rather thick.

    But, saying all that, being nasty feels wrong when it actually seems to bother you, and I probably went over the top earlier. But please realize you have a provocative character, and the people on TGWTG need to know the types of comments they will have to be dealing with on a continual basis if you become a regular feature.

    So I will not be apologizing for my comments on site.

    • you know people like hagan? thats a bit off…. shes a mass murdering, rapist, psycho, puppy shredder…. or is it the way she thinks she knows everyhting, her arrogance etc. because mose internet reviewer chracters act like that.

      ok, you dont like hte darkness of the character, the show etc. that is fine. but itsmy show and therefore i do it my way.

      I was not upset by anything said on the comments, I have a massivly thick skin when it comes to my reviews. I did an entire video once dedicated to trashing my own videos. why/ because i really dont think their brilliant. other people like them and thats cool. my point is you completly mis-interpreted me and my words.

      Obviously I have buttons and things that upset me but there are very few of them. Sorry my words sounded like i was crying or somehting but i wasnt. I was more amused by the 1 or 2 comments i thought were trolling and interested in what those who didnt like my stuff had to say. I dont like mindless adulation anymore than i like mindless vilification. Im glad you arent into either.

      if you wanna talk more, feel free. I like having friends who dont like my videos. helps keep me grounded.

      • Which one is that…? That sounds funny, you reviewing yourself reviewing your own character’s videos. Sounds very amusing.

        I’d say something insulting but I can’t think of anything because you are quite entertaining.

        And your character has cool fashion sense.

      • hagan daas it with a mouthful (of vitriol!), probably not original but….XD! keep it up!

  3. Any news as to whether you’ve got the gig yet, or do I have to go pull your arse out of that plasma fire? Not that I’d mind – you’re awesome – but I just bought this suit, and it will get dirty and stuff.

    • oh yeah. passed :0 I tweeted it and put it on the facebook. sorry, figured everyone would see it there. so yup. on tgwtg (wooot)

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